KH20 For Sale on pinkbike

Amazing shape!


seems kinda pricey…but ???..I think its an 2004.

Looks just like my 2004 model but burnt orange instead of black, wonder where they got that piece of history from?

its not even used is it?
it looks pristine.

and check out those nubs!

It was bought from Brant Cycle in Burlington.

I’ve ridden that Unicycle in the store.

They wanted $650 or $700 for it… then it dropped to $550… then it was gone.

can you get that frame from darren? I would like one and does anybody know the weight or how it compares to any populat frames like the nimbis II, dx, koxx devil and so on.

Heavy like a DX frame, and ultra strong. I dont think one of them ever broke before.

Yup, 4130 chromoly steel. I’ve got the black non-splined hub version of that unicycle. It is a heavy little beaster.

I have that same crankset…i just bent one of the cranks last night…

How long have you had the uni, how big of drops and sets do you normally do, how big was the action that you did to cause the bend, and any pictures?