KH20 best deal

I’m thinking about getting a KH20, the lowest price I have so far for it is $450, anyone know any place to get it cheaper?

phone A E bikes and ask what they can offer you


I and many other people here have bought KH’s from AEB , they will give you an excellent price, but they are not allowed to advertise it.

I know that sounds a little fishy. It’s a MSRP thing that KH imposes on AEB.

But you don’t have to worry that you will get poor service from AEB. They will charge you about 8 $ shipping !, although I’m sure that has got to go up soon. :frowning:

Do you know if AEBike can send unis to Europe ?


They didn’t use to

But I just checked their site, and they say they will ship world wide now.

I would guess that shipping charges would be pretty high though, let us know what the whole cost would come to if you find out.

wow ! 49 $

I was going to order a trials bike from england last year, but the shipping was over 200 $.

I just played with A E B’s shipping calculator, saying I wanted to buy a KH 20 and ship it to France. It said 49 $ , way less then I would have guessed.:slight_smile:

I contacted Aebike, they told me that the shipping cost for France as mentioned in their web site (36,75$ by International airmail, 49$ by International express shipping) is not correct !

Their :angry: reply :
“It is $90. The prices on the shopping cart do not reflect the extra weight of a unicycle.”

Cheers !

AE sells KH20s for $415 (USD) last I heard. So with shipping that’s $505. That’s $25 less than what UDC UK charges without shipping, and a whopping $116.72 less than MDC (that’s with the 19% tax thing they have). So it’s still a good deal, and most importantly, your importing from the US, which helps our economy ever so slightly.