KH20 attachments????

I emailed about them having any KH20, well they do and he said its 300$, but he also mentioned some add ons, which obviously brings up the cost, so could someone explain to me want these add ons are, what they do, and whether i need any of them.

a aluminum alloy rail post and rail adapter
a KH splined hub/crank set
a Profile hub/crank set

most unicycle seats are attached to the post with four bolts. this doesn’t allow for much variation in what angle your saddle points. the rail adapter and post are bicycle components. the adapter has the four bolts on the top and two horizontal rails on bottom. the posts has two clamps that hold the rails

the splined hubs and cranks are a lot harder to break than nonsplined, but are a lot more expensive. also, there are fewer available crank lengths for the splined hubs

Well basically what he mentioned for add ons are the better choices, although more expensive. If in your mind you would like to be able to adjust the seat angle for comfort, then go with the rail adapter and such. Also if you believe that you’ll need, or eventually need a stronger hub/crank set, then go with one of the choices, I guess whichever you can afford.
Also getting the upgrades is a boost, atleast in my mind to you, it allows you to not worry less about you’re set up possibly failing on you…