Kh20 2008

Hello unicyclists,

I’m selling my 2008 Kris Holm 20" unicycle. Current this is FOR SALE LOCALLY. I’m in Boston, Massachusetts and would like to sell in person if at all possible. If I’m not able to sell it locally than I will update this post to indicate I am willing to sell remotely and ship the unicycle.

The unicycle is in great condition. Purchased in May 2009, I have ridden it around town about a dozen times and off-road perhaps five times. It’s in great shape, and other than a few small scratches, has no damage. The parts are entirely stock with the exception of 150 mm KH Moment Cranks instead of the stock 137 mm Moments.

Asking price is $300. As this is for sale locally there is no shipping charge. Contact me either through private message or email: andrewwinslowATgmailDOTcom.


Pictures (cat not included :p):

Im interested so dibs maybe if you would ship

I’m currently only seeking a buyer who would be able to pick up in person, as this is easier and cheaper for both parties involved. If I’m not able to find one after some time, then I’ll open the sale to remote parties.

Just so you know I would pay shipping. I understand that you want to sell locally but it sounded like you misinterpreted my forst post. I did word that kind of funny tho.

bringing it on the plane

My in laws are in Boston and we are going out there in a few months. Any idea about bringing a uni on a plane? Or is it more trouble than it is worth?


Please make sure to let us know when you may want to ship this because I am interested as well.

Heh, I’ve actually taken the KH20 pictured on a flight. With the seat and pedals off it’s carry-on sized, though on smaller (less than twenty rows or so) planes you may have to check it.

I’ve traveled with my unicycle a couple of times, and it was really easy. I just took the frame, pedals, and seat/seatpost off and it fit nicely into a suitcase. You might not even have to take off the frame. Just pack in some clothes around it so it doesn’t move around a lot and you’re set.

anyone try taking a 26er on a plane?

This unicycle intrigues me, and i’m only a state away with a vehicle. Hm…


Here are some additional pictures.

E-mailed you again, Sir.

Pending sale to Riot.

Unicycle is sold. Thanks for the interest.

4 hours later. I own a 08 KH 20" Uni.
Thank you.

how do you like the 150’s on the 20? i’d like to try it, although udc has been out of almost all the kh cranks now for what seems like ages…

Just don’t try turning and you should be OK. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, it used to be that 145mm was the shortest crank length you could get, in the only “bombproof” option, the Profile cranks/hub. Technically it’s still the shortest crank they make, but thankfully it’s no longer the only option :slight_smile:

I can tell you that 145mm cranks on a trials wheel is getting pretty darn long, and yes as our humble friend Rahbee says, it’s pretty easy to catch a pedal on the ground at the bottom of the pedal stroke with much lean in your turning at all.

I haven’t tried 150mm but I can only assume that they’d be about 5mm worse than 145s in that regard ;D

John M

I don’t have anything else to compare to except my Club 20" uni.
This is much easier to ride on, I haven’t had any problems turning, I am not an advanced rider, but overall it seems to be a much better ride for all terrain and hills.
I love it.
Thanks again.