Kh20 09 inward bent forks issue

It is the first day of spring, the sun is warmish and I have finally pieced together my kh20 parts from various locations around Australia.

I have just sat down to put it back together with the intention of embarrassing myself down at the park and the forks no longer match up with the bearing holders, one has bent inwards slightly and misses the mark by about 5 mill.

I have used all the man strength adult life has blessed me with, to no avail.

Is there any quick fix options or is it time for a new frame?
I did so want to embarrass myself at the skate park today and now I am left to wandering the yard, devoid of purpose.



The typical way frames are cold-set is with a 2x4. “Give me a big enough lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” Unfortunately with aluminum it’s not really great to bend it and bend it back; you’ll probably be looking at a failure before long. But you could try that.

I have managed to bend it back into place but there now seems to be a bit more give in the frame.
I think I will be frame shopping in the near future.
Cheers tholub.
Is it more likely to snap or bend out of shape?
I don’t want an injury, that will be hard to explain to work.

With aluminum, I would expect that it would crack and break rather than bend again, but it depends on when you notice it, really. I trashed my KH aluminum frame after noticing cracks near the top of both legs at Moab; I might have been able to ride it like that for a while, but at some point it would have failed. It didn’t bend. Typically once aluminum is bending it’s getting ready to fail.

If you force it into shape you risk weakening it. Not good news, sorry. Hurts when they snap, too.