KH19" Trials

Would love to pick up a KH19" Trials uni. Good condition. Live in the SF Bay Area.

Thank you!

Hi San Jose Unicyclist,
I have a barely used trials KH19. I probably used it 3 hours. I purchased it for my son hoping he was going to join me but he didn’t. Looking for $450. I cut the seat post to accommodate a 5’ 10’’ person. Pedals included. I have them off the unicycle for easier storage. Anything let me know. Thank you.

Trail Wolf, I’m very interested. I’ll send you a private message.

Thanks very much.

Trail Wolf,

You can also email me at, just in case the private message did not get through (I can’t figure out how to see sent private messages on this website).

But, I don’t often look at that gmail account. So, it would be better to contact me via the info in the private message.


Trail Wolf, hope you come back. I’d love to buy your uni!!! Please reach out to me.

Unless Trail Wolf comes back, I’m interested in anyone else’s KH19"!!!

I’ve got one with a long neck, happy to sell it, it’s hardly used! It’s in Sydney Australia, as I live here. If you pay shipping, I am happy to sell it to you.

Thanks, Gockie! The KH20 arrived safe & sound and looks/rides fantastic. I really appreciate all of your help shipping it from Australia.

For everyone’s info, I paid $400 US = $313 + $87 shipping.

No worries! Glad you like it! :slight_smile:
For what it’s worth, with the sale of this uni I had now bought a secondhand KH 24, its setup for muni which is exactly what I want, so it’s a win all round :slight_smile: