KH08 - shameless

Is there a need for an explanation?

I would imagine most people would actually need an explanation of what a ‘shameless’ is, That is very shameless indeed though.

I believe an explanation is needed.

For a start, what sharp obects are in the pool?

LOL, I read that too
and is this like the thing on

Yes, a shameless mix of uni parts, seems like a Koxx wheel, kh frame and saddle, and quax seatpot to me.

pretty much :

except it’s not one of them. Specs if you really want to know :
KH07 frame powdercoated sparkly pink by
koxx reinforced ISIS hub
koxx ISIS light cranks
KH07 rim
Gusset slim Jim mag
quax gusset seatpost
CF base with custom foam and kh seatcover.

Dan got the same frame but on pretty much a stock KH07 with a nimbus rim and kh freeride seat. I’ll get some pictures of his with baby blue pedals on here soon!

haha wow! i love that uni, i want one of those posts so bad. Sick set-up man.

i love that sign beside it too, haha


Why not moment cranks? Is it just a weight issue and are those K1’s “light” cranks a lot lighter than the moments? are they also as strong? I just ordered my new '07 KH trials uni today, along with a try-all tire and clear PC twisted peds. :slight_smile:

I don’t like cranks with qfactor, so i only have the choice of k1 cranks, I bent my reinforced k1 cranks and got told these where pretty strong so should be fine.

Paint your post black, the silver makes this unicycle go ugly.
Other then that, looks great.

Shameless is where it’s at! I’ve got one with KH Frame and seat, Reinforced cranks, a pit fighter post, K1 hub, and gold rim. I love it!

Sucky angle, it looks better in “person”

Just wait til I have re-built my uni, it will be way kickin :smiley: