kh08 and kh08 longneck and kh07 weights??

Ok so i’m lost.

UDC uk
kh07 :
20" weighs 536g.
kh08 :
20" weighs 470g.
longneck :
weighs 557g.

kh08 :
Gewicht: 560g.
longneck :
Gewicht: 640g.

and doesn’t even mention weight! And is it just me or is MDC just cheaper at everything compared to UDC uk?

Can someone please help me out here? Thanks, Brendan

The udc uk ones look about right

With which from the 2 can you save the most weight, longneck or short neck?
If you use a aluminium seatpost?

it doesnt make any difference cause the frame is made out of aluminium.Id say the longneck would shave a tiny bit off cause its less thick thatn most seatposts