=> KH06 frame for sale.

I’m getting a nicer and newer frame for christmas =p.
I’ll let it go to a good home for $100CAN.

PM me.

19", 24", 29"?

Woops, sorry.

just to give you a tip on sales techniques… dont tell people there is something better out there, unless your a very good and honest person…
but yea thats just me being a smartass. lol

hey man.

what kind of condition is it in? new? scratched? dented? pictures?

how much would that be in american money+shipping to arizona 85381

what kind of frame are you getting Danni? What’s much better than an aluminum KH?

triton sponge.

ya, I guess so, that’s what I was thinking. Let us know when you get it Danni, I want to see pics! It is a very sexy frame! :sunglasses:

Scratched up. No dents.
That would $100 US dollars.

Say $15 for shipping?

nvm. looking for a better deal.

Can you list the differences between 05, 06, and 07 KH Aluminum frames please.

I was considering asking for a CrMo KH frame for Christmas, this seems like a better deal…

Pictures of how deep the scratches are? I would be stripping the paint off anyways…

05 has really little clearence but that little ridge under it…06 has more clearence but a ridge…07 has no ridge, knurles at the top of frame, and more about the same clearence as 06 frame.


Worst scratch is probably 1/2 mm.

It’s mainly paint scuffs.

Bonus, I’ll talk to the Mom, hopefully nobody snatches this up before me.

Damn edits, are shims included? Profile and Torker bearings are both 40mm I believe, and you rode Profiles so…

shims are cheap, stop complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering I have access to a lathe, I could make the shims for free from scrap aluminum.

Maybe I want the shims to save me some trouble of doing that.

I used a sliced inner tube. I rode it for two years no probs.
If you buy the frame, I will pitch in a pair of brand new profile bairings.

just use aluminum cans for bearing shims, easy, cheap, and durable

How much for shipping to L8L 7M1?

I’ll try to let you know ASAP, I owe some money still after buying some bikes parts, and I still don’t have my bike sold… I’m hoping the person is still going to buy it, but they work a lot… that said, I hope my Mom is feeling more generous than she already is Haha.