KH06 bearing clamps

Any ideas where I can get new ones from, mine are a bit knackered now and are biting into the bearings, I have talked to and they say they don’t get sold seperately.
Anyone any solutions to getting some?

I have them in stock.

info @ bedfordunicycles . ca


Great, are they just a standard fit? The frame I got is the blue 2006 model I got it around april last year (2006).

Impretty sure that the bearing caps are the same for the '07 and '07 model…but dont quote me.

I’m pretty sure they are too.

WARNING: Rant ahead

Unless you guys have actually fit '07 bearing clamps onto an '06 uni, then why do you post your guesses? How is your guess supposed to help someone?

What if this guy makes his purchase and you guys are wrong? Then we’ll have another visitor to RSU walking away, shaking his head, saying “that forum is crap”, when in fact there are many knowledgable, experienced users here.

I’m not saying you’re wrong in this case here, but apply these questions to every guess posted in this forum. Guesses don’t help anyone, they just cause confusion… and only by the laws of statistics are the guesses right in some cases.

i second that

Cheers for the help guys anyway, i wouldn’t blame you if you did happen to be wrong because no one actually said for certain that they knew the new clamps fit the older frame, plus I don’t have much choice anyway either way i’m screwed may as well take the chance I guess
Cheers for any help though its appreciated and it is what these forums are for after all :slight_smile:

didn’t you see? trials uni put that the 07 and the 07 are the same bearing caps. it was a typo that borg was making fun of, not just speculation of compatible parts.

There is a small difference between the 07 clamps and the 06 clamps but this will not affect you using them.

The difference which Kris described in the thread where he announced the new 2007 models is that on the 07 the flange part of the bearing clamps is only something like 2mm instead of about 4mm to allow for the addition of the geared muni hub which needs a little more room for the mechanism, Kris also said that you can grind down the flanges on the older models to retro fit the hubs without having to be perfect and so you will definitely not have any problems fitting the 07 clamps to your 06.

You’ll have to excuse maestro8, he is a little slow.

The caps are different as described (2mm vs 4mm deep groove)
Mention what ones you need when ordering.

I have caps if anyone else needs them.
I ship worldwide.


Are the caps steel or alum.? I need some high quality steel caps for a frame I’m building.

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they are the same blue aluminum as the KH frames.

They are really strong, don’t know if you would even want steel ones. And they are machined.