KH Zero with reinforcement plate and pivotal seatpost

Hi folks,

spring cleaning continues !

I swapped my KH Zero on my Shadow base for a QX Eleven to see if my deat muscles are happier :smiley:

It trickled down to the freewheel unicycle making my reinforced KH Zero homeless.

You get:

I trimmed the inner edges of the from handle to have the reinformcement plate to fit better (minimum esthetic impact and no impact on strength).

The bumper have not see much rides as it was installed on a secondary uni and then replaced.

Asking $70 + shipping from 02453.

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Still available. PM me your offer :wink:


Interested in a trade?

I have a fusion free ride that I have trimmed the foam to try to make work for myself to no avail if interested. I have some used venture2 150 mm cranks that I do not see myself using again also if that’s more your speed


@WeaponizedBacon If you are still interested in trading, send me a PM to discuss details (seatpost need and diameter/length, with or without plate…)