KH wheelset and Yuni frame

I was wondering, will a KH wheelset fit a Yuni frame with out any frame-bending involved? I just wanted to know what frame would fit the wheelset that cost LESS than 100 dollars. I didnt want to spend allt hat money to find out I wasted it. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks

Yes indeed it most definitley can fit cause thats what im riding. IF you have a 3.0 gazz then get a 26 inch frame. The only I guess you would call problem is the frame is off set the wheeel so 1 side is closer than the other because the wheel isnt formed to that frame or something? But it works.


hey brian, thanks for the info. that really helps knowing that you actually ride that setup, and you know EXACTLY what youre talking about. thanks a bunch.

do you mean a trials or muni wheel

I’m planning to get the Kris Holm 24-inch MUni Wheel for my 24" Yuni Frame. Will this fit? There shouldn’t be compatibility issues right? The Wheelset comes with the knobbly tire, but they did not specify what brand or make it is… Can someone enlighten me?

If it’s a stock KH, it’s going to have a Duro Wildlife tire.