KH Warranty?

I couldn’t get through to UDC today, so hopefully someone here will know. What is the standard warranty on KH unis, the freeride in particular (not sure if the warranty differs from model to model) and what it covers and for how long. Also, and most importantly, is the warranty transferrable if sold? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!:smiley:

KH stuff doesn’t come with a warrenty.
Stuff might be replaced if it is broken due to a manufacturing defect or something but it’s not like profiles where you break stuff and get new ones for free.

And anyways the profile warenty is SHIT. I broke the trhead in the crank due to big drops and all that and they wont even replace it cauz they are full of SHIT.

What thread?

I got my crank replaced no problem when i snapped it.

edit:…profile crank that is. Dont know about the KH stuff :frowning:

I know UDC is very good about replacing parts that should not have broken. Within 30 days, I think they’ll replace most anything. They replaced my KH seatpost when it broke below the rail clamps. Other than that, I dont think there’s a warranty from KH, just where you get it from.