KH vs. Torker DX

please tell me if you have any experience with the KH trials and if so how does it compare to the torker DX?

the KH trials is a great uni. comfy, strong, lightweight. It’s great, probably one of the best stock unis. the torker DX is heavy, strong, has a lot of tire clearence which is bad, and is cheap.

Why are factoring freestyle prefrences for a trials uni? The last thing your gonna worry about is how much tire clearence you have when your doing a gap.

The DX is a beastly tank of a uni, it will take abuse like now other, and you wont even care about the weight once you get used to it. It will be a nice trials uni to learn and improve on, and will take many 5+ foot drops with no problem.

The KH, is without a doubt lighter. Strength wise, you cant really tell, but I think it is but some amrgin stronger than the DX, and with the new version coming out, it can only get better (I hope)

So if you want a uni that is lighter by a few pounds, is very strong, and a couple hundred more expensive go for the KH.

If you want a DX that is also very strong, heavy and cost less, go for that.

hehe. the Kh is better for street*

If you want a good uni, and could do a custom one, I’d say a KH frame, KH rim, nimbus gel seat, steel seatpost, koxx hub and cranks, and snafus would be really good.

that would be about $400 though.

I’ve ridden a DX soe, and opposed to my KH trials, I hate it, but I’m just spoiled by the lightness of the Kh. you could probably get used to the weight of the DX really fast, and it will improve your strength.

How much do one of those weigh?

I know the Alex DX32 rim used stock on the DX is only 1 pound.

I think there about the same as the alex rim. I noticed nothing bad about mine so far. I picked an alex rim up by tself and it felt really really light. I’m guessing the KH is about the same.