KH vs Miyata saddle for trials

im looking to buy a new saddle for trials as i broke my kh stiffener plate and the seat flexes a bit to much for me now. i just wanted to kno which was better for trials, the miyata or the KH fusion. also will the miyata fit the same bolt pattern as the kh seatbase?


They are different bolt patterns. I like the miyata better because it has a bigger lip so I can get more grip for sif. The kh is also pretty fat but you could cut down the foam.

so id have to buy a new seatpost for a miyata?


I hate a stock LX seat, but stock KH isn’t too bad…

Dude, get the gemcrest CF seatbase. It rules.

yeah i wish i had money for cf but i dont right now…and i just broke my seat right in half…it blows:(

I figured instead of dropping $40 for a seat that you will probably break, you could spend $80 and use the cover and foam off your old seat. You’ll be spending the equivalent of two seats to get one kickin’ seat that will last a lot longer.

Yeah so if you kill the new one eventually and have to buy another then you will have spent the same as a CF base and you will still have a plastic base.

but i need one now! maybe ill buy one of the non fusion saddles then save for a cf before it breaks…it took me almost a year to brek this one.

how about kh gel saddle??

kh gel has aplastic base too. unless you get it with a cf base its the same strength as a normal kh.

there’s a newer KH fusion that it seems not many people know about still…
i got it on my KH 20 a little while ago from bedford

it’s basically lower profile than the older fusions (mor like miyata thickness) but is really comfy and is a LOT stiffer than the older fusions

get it!
it won’t break unless you’re REALLY hard core, and it’s very comfortable both to sit on and to do seat-out

is it 65$ from bedford?? whats better kh standard, or kh gel??

the fusion is 55 from bedford and the gell is 65. and coldawg is right i heard about the new fusions they have like 4 stiffener plates in them…im gonna get that.

juswt take a seat from another one of your unicycles, while saving up for cf