KH vs Koxx one

Why is a KH so much more expensive if Koxx (is that already plural) are lighter??? :thinking:

especially with the $200 price difference

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KOXX ONE!!! (I’m no help at all).

i spose you just pay for the name - like most things :roll_eyes: i think KH has established an awesome reputation as producing the best unicycles available - thats not to say koxx one isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have the same rep as KH :slight_smile: IMO anyway

The current K1 sale is great

KH fan here. At times you could buy KH in the USA on sale. I bought a 07 KH 20 for 360 $ delivered, a few years back. K1’s were a lot more $ then.

Now the coin is flipped, and KH is pricey, and K1 is cheap. Go with K1 now I would say. I have never seen one, but their rep on the forum is good. Times change, and deals change. I’m a big KH fan boy, but unless cost is nothing to you, and you only dream blue, K1 is the way to go today.

I rode with Koxx-one for 1 year, my first year of trials, and I bent the pedals, cranks and I broke the frame. I never bought or rode any parts from K-1 since then, I’ve never had problems like that with KH, I did break on KH frame, but it has taken way more abuse than the K-1 and I did break KH seatposts, but also, it has taken more abuse. KH FTW:)

ok, I don’t know if it is coorect if I answer here… because i’m sponsored xD but I don’t think my opinion would change if I would be sponsored…

What koxx unicycle did you rode? I can’t imagine braking koxx light cranks! and those cranks are way better than Kris holms… + 200g lighter!
and pedals are just what you want… I don’t like the pedals on the KH or on the koxx… butterfly 2 pedals are the best I rode till now :wink:

and the devil frame is shit indeed… but it is cheap and if you break it, I would change for a impact, because that is an awesome frame! feels much better than KH!

and KH seatposts are good, but brake also pretty fast… Pith figher 3 is the best! cost 3 times more, but last 4-6 times longer :smiley:

AND koxx is still much cheaper, so if you brake something, it isn’t a problem to replace it…

I had the Devil Original, so, yeah the frame was sh*t, but it was also my first year of riding, just to give you an ideal of my level, I was able to sidehop ~65cm, the best trick I could do was 180 unispin, actualy it was the only trick I could do. I had all the original parts on it, Reinforced cranks, Red Label pedals. Anyway, some riders like K-1, but I had a bad experience with their parts, also when I bought my uni I got some really bad service.

Its harsh to judge K1 if your not riding their best parts. Thats like riding an old model KH and judging the entire range just by that unicycle. Breaking parts mainly comes to inexperience and bad technique. I was sponsored by KH for 2 years, I broke parts every week. Now that I’m more experience and have been sponsored by K1 for over 1 year I have broken much less parts. Knowing what tricks to do and working on smoother technique definitely helps with not breaking parts, I’ll put that down to why you broke that unicycle so early on.

Since being with K1, I’ve broken 2 rims, 1 seat, 1 seat post and a pair of cranks thats it. Well of course a few pairs of pedals but over a year with the kind of riding I do I’m not surprised, no plastics can withstand that kind of abuse.

While I was with KH I broke 3 rims, 4 seat posts (I even resorted to switching to cromo), 2 hubs, 2 frames, pedals and seats.

Being with KH for longer then K1 of course I would have broken more parts then my K1 parts. But by looking at that, I think K1 looks far more impressive. I’ve been riding 10x harder since receiving my K1 sponsorship. After winning at unicon it was huge motivation for me to go bigger and bigger, which is exactly what I’ve been doing with my K1.

K1 is lighter, cheaper, looks 10x better and has a cooler team ;p.



would definitely have to crown k1 the winner because even if their unis are equal its $200 cheaper you could almost buy 2 k1’s for 1 kh so k1 wins at least with the current prices

Not sure about any of that. K1 is maybe lighter, although most of their weights are very optimistic… On their site it used to be obvious compared to MDC/UDC weights. I even weighed some stuff on a ±1g scale and was extremely dissapointed to see most stuff was much heavier.

Anyways it depends.

Seatposts : K1 is v. expensive but used to be the only viable aluminium seatpost choice. Now KH has decent alu posts for cheaper.

Seats : K1 luxury is nice for street/trials. KH fusion freeride for anything else. Although the impact naomi woops the K1 luxury.

Frames : KH has always had a lighter than XTP frame, which has footrests and has a longneck option. Plus the bearing holders are designed for human beings.

Cranks : Lets be fair. The KH moments are the so big and ugly. But they are unbreakable. The K1 cranks, i’ve bent the reinforced and the light cranks.

Hubs : I don’t like the moment hub, flanges are too exposed. However I haven’t owned the newest KH hubs which are much lighter and quite nice. The K1 reinforced hub is bulletproof.

Rims : Tryall undrilled is the best rim out there period. Worth nothing KH rims are made higher quality alumium 7005 vs T6.

Pedals : K1 get away with rebranding wellgo pedals. At least KH admits not making every part… Anyways pedals are really personal, but I think KH is silly in choosing such heavy stock pedals. While K1 should be slapped for overcharging wellgo pedals with the try-all logo on them.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty irrelevant. Just go ride!

Koxx one sucks,they dont reply to emails,they take forever to ship goods,they steal peoples money and they charge rediculous prices for stuff unless its the old unis and parts that break all the time

Koxx-one just dosnt like you >.>

You have to remember that K1 fell during the GFC, went through a rough patch and now has a new company manager (correct me if I’m wrong here :p) - the company is now coming through and trying to rebuild the reputation it had. so…patience is key :smiley:

Yeah, but KH never had that problem. Kris is reliable.

but you dont like kh too so wuudda like? :o

EB frame and tensiles I think :wink:

but thats it? :confused:

Idk, seems like it’s working for him, though…

mikes uni :stuck_out_tongue:

Seat: Carbon fibre seatbase,slim foam,Ti nuts and bolts,no bumper

Seatpost: Chromoly seatpost

Seatclamp: Single bolt kh clamp with ti bolt

Frame: EB Longneck carbon frame

Cranks: Onza tensiles,hollow titanium crank bolts

Pedals: Echo TR Pedals

Hub: Koxx One 32hole hub

Rim: Onza Pro Series Rear 19"

Inner Tube: 20x2.125 with half a tube wrapped around bottom

Tyre: Monty Eagleclaw 20x2.6 with each 2nd nub cut off

Weight: 4.2kg