KH vs. K1...Saddles

I’m not sure if this should be in RSU or here… but anyway…

What are the differances/similarities or advantages/disadvantages of the KH street fusion saddle and the K1 street saddle?

Thanks for any info!

KH saddle is just well… uncomfortable after a while but fine for short rides. As people will tell you, it wasn’t made to be comfy but to be good for trials. Even so, you can remove the cover by untieing the lace and add your own padding if you wish. It’s flatter and does not squash your… groin as much as the K1.

The K1 is smaller, rounder, softer, bigger. More comfy perhaps, though it squashes you at the front (if you get me…) more than is ideal for me. The Kh seat is flatter and moves around under you easier (doesn’t squash you in)

I’d say: either go for comfort, or smaller seat with more movement allowed.

I cant speak for the K1 saddle, but I can disagree with your KH facts.

Just yesterday I rode with it for about 7 hours. No discomfort at all. Before that I have rode for hours on flat or doing muni trails, and its the comfiest seat ive sat on.

Also, the seat isnt that flat on mine. Sure, the back part is flat, but the seat itself has a pretty considerable amount of upwards tilt in it.

As far as I knew, KH and the same Seat base, so the only difference would be foam and cover.

I rode for around 9, and if for 15mins plus in one go it’d hurt.

Well if you sat on the K1 seat then you’d know exactly what I meant.

We are talking about the same seat that comes stock on a KH20, right?

Yeah, I am talking about the stock seat. No mods or anything.

For seats, its all preference. I find the old styled KH seats amazingly comfortable, and have one on my coker, and have done rides from 1 hour to 8 hours long. Others despise that seat and would never want to touch it.

I dont think sitting on a K1 seat would make me feel any different about the KH.

Maybe not, but you’d understand about the different shape :smiley:

james i’m guessing you are talking about the KH fusion street? i think jerrick is talking about the normal “fat” one.

Just like to mention that the KH fusion street are real nice for SIF cause they are so flat at the back, but koxx saddles are so much more comfortable. Mind you for trials no one cares about how comfy it is to sit on, but its nice when you have to speed it back to the train station :smiley:

Saying that the koxx saddles are very nice for SIF too, but the luxury ultra flat looks even better than the street fusion - i mean theres like NO padding :smiley:

Yes I am, and that’s exactly what I was trying to get at, you put it better than me… lol.

I mentioned the fat seat only because thats what I use on my coker, because I find it comfortable, and other people dont. Seats are a preference thing.

The street seat is on my KH20. Which I also find to be comfortable, and havent gotten any crotch soreness at all on it.

Which is better? the KH Street/trials or K1 Luxury?

KH street fusion.

you ever ridden a k1 luxury ultra thin?

i personally havent so i cant tell you. But loads of people on the french site love it, mind you they are very koxx biased and people here are very kh biased…

Uh, what?

JK, I understood.:stuck_out_tongue:

All I have to say is that the KH has a removable cover, no tricky mods have to be done for it to fit over a CF seatbase.

No but i saw the pic on the custom koxx thread - looks alright.

Damn thats terrible. I mean smaller in length, bigger in thickness!!

The K1 saddles look so cool though.

I agree.

I have nothing against them, I just prefer what I have :smiley:

The bases are exactly the same. I dont see how one could be longer than the other.

well then lets agree to disagree :stuck_out_tongue: