KH vs. Coker

I just dont know anymore… i was so siked up about getting a KH i was just plan happy… then my mom said i have to earn 70 more bucks before i can get it… this got me thinking…(not really sure why) but what would happen if i got a kh and didnt use it very much… ive done this before… i skated very heavily for about 2 years… and then just kinda faded off… i just dont want that to happen to a KH… but if i get a coker i know id use it all the time because i would use it like a bike. but i also want a tricksy strong unicycle… coker not so much… i need to get one fo the 2… and fast i havent unied since may and im satrting to go insane…

So please help me… and how much would a coker cost with cheap brakes and a air saddle…?


whoa, I once made a thread almost JUSt like this one!! except, it was to decide betwixt a KH24, and a Coker, and I already had a KH20, so my situation might be different than yours.
but anyway. I eventually decided upon the Coker instead of the KH24, and I’m very glad of it, because I wouldn’t have used the KH24 very much. the coker is VERY useful, and VERY fun, and I highly recommend it. but it might be different for you, if you live near a bunch of bike trails or skate parks and do MUni or trials or street a lot. orrr, if you ride a bike or walk to school, or work or wherever, then a coker could come in very handy there too. you should think about it for a while.

i have one crappy park that they are tearing down… their is one small bike trials group… not to iuntersted in that though… have no place to muni or trials… unless i make up somthing… so i guess the coker would be much more useful…does your coker have an air saddle and brakes?


can’t you order custom unicycles from the unicycle factory? If u had enuf $cash$ you might be able to get a strong and big unicycle.

I got my Coker with a Torker LX seat, not an air saddle, but then converted it with these instructions. and still don’t have brakes, but I’m hoping to get some soonish.

yeah, but believe it or not, they have not yet invented KH cokers…

so i think coker it is!!!


no stinking brakes!

Let me add my 2 cents about Coker brakes.
Before I got my Coker, I thought brakes would be needed cause of “how fast I would be traveling on a Coker.” But this was not true for me. I rarely go over 10mph with my Coker using 110mm cranks. So I say get your Coker but you don’t need no stinkin’ brakes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cokers are really, really, really fun.

I wouldn’t want a Coker as my only unicycle, so if you are currently without a unicycle at all, I’d go for a 24" KH if you already have a useable 24" get the Coker.

I don’t believe you:

well well, what do you know…I stand corrected (:

Re: no stinking brakes!

except, going down long steep hills on the coker is sometimes uncomfortable, and I think a brake would help…I don’t have a brake on my coker, and I’m okay. so they’re not needed, but I think they’d be quite useful.

It’s the only unicycle I would consider for an only unicycle

No doubt about it

You don’t need brakes on a Coker. You need practice. Using brakes would take practice anyway.

Cokers are great fun. You are unlikely to use one “like a bike”, in that a Coker is inherently less versatile or safe than a bicycle, but it is possible to cover serious distances on a Coker at bike-like speeds.

If you don’t know whether you want a Coker or a KH, maybe you don’t know what you want to do yet. Or maybe you need both.

As things stand, I have a 20, a 26 MUni, a 28 and a Coker. I used to ride the Coker night after night, 10 - 20 miles or more at a time. Recently, the 28 has taken over. These things go in phases.

If you don’t put the saddle time in, a Coker is an expensive novelty toy. If you do put the saddle time in, it is a competent distance and cross country machine. Cokers are not optimised for freestyle or trials, though.

that’s a good point…if you must only choose one uni, then I think a coker would be a good one.
or a 29er, actually, I think that’d be a better choice.

yayy. first time being quoted AND helping out sorta:D

Big wheels are great. If you decide to get a coker, let me know. I’ll try to help you avoid the mistakes I made. Send me a pm if you want.

You need a brake for going down big hills. You can live without it, but if you have to ride down long or steep hills a lot, especially if you use short cranks, you’ll really appreciate it.

I have a brake on mine, which I used to use for the small hills on my commute, but now I generally don’t. But when I ride in other places, there have been several times when I was very grateful to have the brake there.

If you are like Leadpan’s avatar, riding along the beach, you won’t need a brake. :slight_smile:

yeah i dont think ill be riding on much hills at all… or when i do it be for very long… i think im gonna order 150’s and 125’s