kh videos

anybody got any footage of kris holms doing some trials?


There are tons of videos all over the net of kris doing trials but I suggest buying Universe 2 to see it.

Kris Holm does. Check unicycledotcom for his movies: One Tired Guy, Unizaba, and Into the Thunder Dragon.

would he have any in the gallery?

Yep, but the gallery is really slow right now, so it would take quite a long wait just to find one.

Go to for some videos of trials workshops Kris ran a few years ago at a uni meet.



I found this video on the internet when I was looking up clips. This link takes you directly to downloading the video. It’s a Norco 2004 Toronto Demo…I believe in March, because the announcer mentions the TOQue Games. This clip is 98mb, and is around 18minutes long, but it gives you great insight to trials skill. Ryan Leech also stars in the video, so it’s not pure KH.

Here’s the link:


For what it’s worth, HoW has two small clips of Kris from the 2004 Motorrama.

ok, that rail line was incredible. Did anyone manage to clear it?

there were two lines using those two rails. one involved a small (6" maybe, i cant remember) hop onto the rail, which both ryan and kris completed. the other involved a larger hop (20-24"). that was the only line that no one completed at the competition.

There is a video clip of Kris Holm riding the North Shore trails over at It’s all muni, no trials. But still a very good video.

Go to Enter Site
Go to Webisodes at menu at the bottom of the screen
Select the Kris Holm video

It’s a 26MB QuickTime video. The video will play in your browser. If you want to save the video so you can play it later you’ll need to fiddle with some settings in QuickTime. Launch QuickTime and go to Edit >> Preferences >> QuickTime Preferences. In the QuickTime Preferences dialog select “Browser Plug-in” and then check the box for “Save movies in disk cache”. Now play the video at When the video is done, go to the IE disk cache and copy the video to some place more permanent.

Can you not just right click the link and choose “save target as” or “save link as?”

The site is all made with Macromedia Flash. The right-click stuff doesn’t work in Flash sites. Someone who knows Flash might be able to find a direct link to the video.

Ohhhh it’s that site. I see what you mean. I used to browse that site and never could download the videos. Thanks, now I can.

The direct link is

Just downloaded this now and it works fine.

How do you find direct links like that in Flash sites?

Right click on and select ‘view source’

Look for the following section


This is the name of the movie.

As you are on the following page

It is likely that the movie is stored in that location as in the source it states and not something like …/…/movies/

Hence putting it together you get

Bit of guess work really :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks.

I’ve found that tactic doesn’t always work, buts it’s a good starting point.

On a side note the Guinness in Galway (West Ireland Coast) was particular nice this weekend. Shame I never took my Uni with me, hopefully next time.