KH Velo seat

Oh no! I found a flaw! And this one sucks more than the Miyata

While trying to switch seatposts (on my 2 or 3 week old) Velo seat, one of the bolts just spun in the hole.

Those with Miyata seats may recall how the nuts spin in cheap plastic? Same thing here. Except…the seat material is stapled all around the seatbase making removal/reinstallation seem pretty sketchy.

I wonder if the old ’ screwdriver in a bolt end with the nut in a wrench securing it in place trick’ may work.

Anyone else find this yet?

I figured they’d look at the problems with the Miyata, and try something different. A very poor oversight.

yeah, all we had to do was psuh the head of the nut up (away from the seat) and it came right out.

lucky you…I’m getting no sympathy from this seat.

Boy, stuff sure goes from the ‘best thing I’ve ever sat on’ to infuriating garbage fast

I supose it’s because mine was a prototype from the interbike show in nevada.

are you saying that the squared part on the carage bolt basicly rounded out the plastic on the seat base?

if so does that mean that there is no medal plate in there?

I think what happened on mine is the square part was pushed out of place, but when back in it worked fine.

it seems like the square hole is spinning in the plastic, just like the Miyata. I can’t quite tell.

I tried prying up on the seat post, jamming screw drivers under, twisting/pulling up on the ratchet…nothing.

I dumped some loctite down the hole (the exposed part of the bolt has quite a bit of side-to-side play, so I suspect it is not pushed out of place. I’ll see if that glues the bolt to the plastic at all…it may/may not. loctite turns into quite a bit of solid material…so it may.

I would suggest maybe applying Krazy glue to the bolts/seat before you put any seatposts on. I’m gonna do this if I can get it off.

This seat isn’t gonna be so comfortable with a bent seatpost screwed onto it :angry:

if all else fails i think it would be a good idea for all of us to send you a couple of bucks to pay for the saddle,then you could take it apart and shoot some photo’s of the inside guts.

i think it would be realy helpful if we all knew what it looked like piece by piece.

Luckily, I sense no sarcasm from that! I will now start accepting money in $5 increments. Does anyone want pics of the internals of a KH hub/crank assembly? Make it $10.

only if you break that too :smiley:

Ahh, bending the seatpost out of the way, I was able to get in with some vise grips and clamp down on the bolt.

It’s definetly cheap crappy plastic holding this bolts in :frowning:




Well, I’ll let you know how this turns out :sunglasses:


you’ll notice the sticker inbetween the crappy bolts, and the yellow material (that is off by about an inch from each side) says ‘Taiwan’?

I hope the 6 year old who made this was fired

nice,the Taiwan sticker is right next to the faiure spot just like that defective Alex rim i had.

that looks like 10 bucks worth of locktite.

Loctite cures in the absence of air. Big puddles of Loctite like that are not going to harden. I don’t see how the Loctite is going to work.

Epoxy would work better for this application.

After I thought about it, I cleaned off the loctite, wrung the rag back into the loctite bottle, and am gonna screw down some thin nuts on those bolts to cinch them down tight to the seat. That will solve it no problem

I was going with the loctite hardening underneath the top layer. I’ve had big blocks of hardened loctite before, that I was not able to break. It ‘may’ have worked. This nut idea will be cleaner


but those little nuts will make for a gap between the mounting plate and the seat base.what if a spider crawls inside there and makes a nest?