KH/velo seat base (frame)

snapped mine. dont need an entirely new seat, will only be riding for a couple more weeks till a 2 year break from unicycling.
let me know what you got.

I have one that I don’t need.

A two year break. An oddly specific time frame for abandoning unicycles altogether… where’d you get called to? :smiley:

i have one to

i just bought one of them cheap K1 saddles from renegade juggling…
and good guess :wink: des moines iowa for me

Heh. Maybe there is someone on here from Des Moines that will let you ride.

I took a two year break from unicycling myself… though I did get a lot of biking in during those two years. Just don’t do what I did. A near 10 year break due mostly to slothfulness.