KH Velo saddle review

There’s no accounting for different butts. I have learned over the years different people find comfort on different things. What do you suppose it is about the KH that makes it less comfortable than the others? Too much curve (top as seen from side)? Too wide in front? I think some people have had a problem with the increased curve, though it worked well for me.

You mentioned chaffing, so maybe it’s the width. What are your favorite production seats, in order of comfort?

It’s the same with bike seats, where some people swear at a certain brand, while others swear at it. The problem with unicycles is that we still don’t have many choices.

Re: KH Velo saddle review

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>Hey Gluteous…doesn’t this thread belong somewhere else?
It’d crossed my mind too. Harper must have been meaning to be nice for
newsgroup addicts.

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>AND, even wearing wristguards, the handle uses a tractor beam to pull
>your hand comfortably, firmly into place while riding. You feel bad for
>not holding on to it! I love this thing!
Funny that you say this. After my first ride with the KH Velo I had sore fingers at my left hand. Somewhat later I realised I had been pulling on the handle ALL the time just because I could. (I had never had a seat handle before though.)

Klaas Bil
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