KH - Velo Question

I have an older model KH saddle and just got a new Velo saddle in the mail a few days ago. The two look identical except for the signature on the rear of the saddle and the lift handle on the front. The new Velo has a much thicker and more ergo shaped handle on it. Do the newer KH saddles also use this new and improved handle? The KH is on the left and the new Velo is on the right:

kh velo.jpg

About 6 months ago I sent Velo new drawings for an improved saddle handle, which after some testing resulted in this improvement.

I own the mold for the handle (contract agreement with Velo) which means that I’m responsible for (and pay for!) any changes to the handle, or for that matter for any improvements to the saddle whatsoever.

The differences between the KH branded version of the saddle and other brands is that it’s only with the KH branded version that I have 100% control over quality. There are lots of ways you can make the saddle cheaper to manufacturer (ie foam type, saddle cover material), and the KH version uses the best obtainable of these.


Hi Kris,

I remember seeing a KH style seat at UNICON on one of the European trials unicycles. It had a much thinner foam and I think the same handle and KH base. Do you know who makes it?

I’m hoping to reduce the height of the foam on my KH saddle with a fusion seatcover- to save weight and also because the foam raises the seat height a fair bit- I had to take all the foam off at UNICON to reach the pedals on my Coker/150mm cranks. I love the KH seat otherwise.



Thanks for the answer and the explanation of differences between the KH and Velo saddles. The new handle design is extremely comfortable and looks to be quite a bit stronger.

I talked to someone who saw this too, and the thinner foam modification at UNICON was a custom modification. This will be easy to do with the Fusion saddle- just cut off however much foam you want and put the seatcover back on again. Just remember it won’t be as comfortable anymore!


I talked to someone who saw this too, and the thinner foam modification at UNICON was a custom modification. This will be easy to do with the Fusion saddle- just cut off however much foam you want and put the seatcover back on again. Just remember it won’t be as comfortable anymore!


Thanks for your reply Kris. I’m not sure how much comfort is gained from the extra foam though- it only squises about 2-3cm at the most, out of about 8-10cm foam height (as a guess- I haven’t measured it). I think it will still have about the same squish factor when I shave the foam to half thickness.



p/s I think the Fusion seatcover is a great idea!

pp/s: I’ll post this pic again, my UNICON setup (where I got desperate because I couldn’t reach the pedals on my coker) :smiley: :

Do you use open fingered gloves? If so, do the ridges on the KH saddle get painful or irritating? I saw Kris’ saddle at CMW and that was the second thing that came to mind after "Damn, that feels a lot better” while massaging my fingers after a long day of riding.

The new KH saddle is also 15 mm narrower at the front. I think that would really help my comfort while riding.

Thanks Kris for creating these products and offering them to us.


Interesting. A while ago, I bought a Velo saddle from my local bike shop. They described it as “new” and “just in”. It had no handle at all. It was well made, solid, and had deep foam, and, if I recall correctly, was fabric covered rather than leatherette.

I have since seen KH saddles. These have a handle (which I guess is optional?) and the fabric is cut to a different pattern. People who have them swear by them, but I didn’t get on with my Velo at all.

So, has there been a major rethink of the design, or have I misunderstood, or what?

The ridges don’t bother me at all. The new design handle is rounded on the inside and is very comfortable. I do ride with Harbinger half finger gloves and really like the feel of the new design. How do you like the air saddle I sold ya’?

I’ll post a complete picture of the new Velo saddle on this thread after I get home from work today. I think you and I may be comparing apples to oranges

Please everyone!

If possible send pics of the fusion cover!!!


Here’s a pic of the new Velo and a KH saddle

I guess I should have cleaned the dust off of that swing BEFORE I took the pictures :roll_eyes:


Velo on left
Kh on right


I think that last comment is not true. I had a KH saddle in 2003. The material pulled away from the staples, it flexed, it snapped and I got another one that had a few improvements. Some of the main improvements were the slimming down of the padding, and a better type of material for the main part of the seat cover. This new material was more shiney and less fake leathery looking. I had no problems with the new material and I foolishly gave my KH seat to Ben, because his seat was dying and I thought I would have my CF airseat for longer (it got stolen with my Wilder). My new 29er that I recieved about a week ago has a KH saddle made in February this year, with Kris Holm’s signature on it, and it uses the same crappy material that was found on my first KH saddle. In about 100km of riding with not much offroading, the material is already starting to pull away from the staples and getting saggy bits on the sides. I’m not impressed and I thought that problem had been dealt with a long time ago. Now I remember why I got the CF airseat cos the KH saddle although comfortable, does not seem built to last. Sorry Kris but I think it needs improving. The new handle looks good- pity I didn’t get to try it out yet. I can still feel the flex as well and that is without yanking on the handle very hard. I’ve gotta be very careful not to flex it or it will die on me again.

Although I appreciate the KH seats, I agree Rowan.

For one thing, I am not sure why staples and glue is used rather than a removable cover. SEEMS like there would be less labor, and a world of improvement.

I have a removable cover now, and there remains a problem:
Though it did not have the opportunity to rip away from the staples (because there are none) it DID start to split along the bottom edge of the frame.

I used liquid nails to glue pieces of faux leather in the removable cover where it comes in contact with the bottom edge of the frame (doubling the material) and so far, it has been much more durable and more comfortable on the fingers (seat out).

I also agree the modular seat parts are best. My fav seat mod is using stock KH foam (the soft kind) & cover with a Gemcrest carbon base. I sew a 1/2" velcro strip on the inside lowest edge of the cover, and glue the hook side of the velcro to the inside edge of the carbon base. Then the cover pulls down and wraps under the carbon base, attaching to the velcro on the inside edge. No probs so far. When the day comes to replace the cover, I’ll just sew more velcro onto the new cover, and it’ll be ready for action!

Very interested to see the new KH models.

show me pictures too!

KH Fusion Seat Cover as shown on

I think that where the seats are manufactured, labor is cheaper than parts. A system like the Miyata seats would involve all the clips, riveting them on, making holes in the seat base, and a slightly larger and more complex seat cover. And the wire.

But now that a removeable cover is coming along, it will make things much more flexible for us. I’m sure the improvements will continue to follow, but there will have to be at least one production run on each design to at least make a dent in paying for the changes. We have to wait for one production run to run out before we can get the next one. We still live in a world where the market isn’t that big…

Yes. I was referring to the “drawstring” seat covers. No need for glue, staples, clips, riveting, making holes or the wire. Seems like the removable design can be machine made, and is much less complex than the Kris Holm cover. It also allows for airseat conversion. I think that if Kris built such a setup, he’d take greater market share of unicycle seats.