KH Velo Disassembled

Howdy All,

I thought some of you KH Velo owners out there might like to see whats going on inside the seat without having to open it up. I posted pictures of the process here:

I’m headed for the hardware store this weekend to look for solutions to fix the bolt plate. Will post the reverse procedure when I figure it out. Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures (borrowed camera).


excellent,i’ve been waiting to see the innerds of a KH seat.

so the early versions had no plate and the new ones that do are rounding out? is that what i see here?

in one of those pic’s it looks like the square holes were made to big for the carrage bolts anyway…

are you gonna put it all back together in a Roach cover? what are your plans upon reassembly?

Fantastic photo sequence. Thanks for the peek.

Ah hah, that looks pretty interesting, thanks for posting the pics.

I too have a KH seat with the seat plate holes rounded out - did it myself - yup, while trying to remove stuck screws with the bolts spinning.

Kris told me that the bolts that were used in this run of seats were not the ones orginally intended hence the holes being too large for the bolts.

In talking with Toby, the guy that has done a lot of work on the seat designs with Kris, he said there have been some real challenges getting the manufacture to adhere to the design specifications. Sometimes they stray from the requested design due to lack of understanding and other times at an effort to trim costs.

It sounds like a struggle to get something made to the exact specs that you designed… poor Kris… poor us uni riders…:frowning:


The holes are definately too large for the bolts used. Still not sure what I’m going to do to fix and I’m open for suggestions. I’m hoping that a trip to the local specialty hardware shop will provide inspiration. This is a spare seat so its not a major rush to fix. Would rather find a solid solution than a quick fix. Are the Roach covers easy to transfer from one seat to the next? If so I might buy one for the KH replacement seat I have and go back and forth if I get this one fixed

I wanted to say that I think it’s pretty cool of Kris to offer people the chance to send him emails with suggestions about further seat designs and problems they have had with past releases. I realize that it benefits him too but at least there is an open dialog which is more than I can say for many companies these days. Seems like many suggestions just go into file 13.



Fabulous dissection sequence, matt. Thanks for that.

I recall when the first Velo saddles came out on the Norco black KH trials unicycles in Canada, there was some talk of them lacking the metal plate, thus increasing the vertical flexibility. My saddle, which was purchased from Norco in October 2002, has much more vertical flex than Velo saddles purchased after January 2003 from I didn’t really notice the flex of the seat until I put it on the 29" unicycle. Pulling on the handle when I was first freemounting would really yank the saddle back. Hence, I assume that my saddle must be of the aforementioned plateless variety. Does anyone know what the heck is holding the bolts in place in the plateless KH seats? Are they just wedged into the plastic and foam? Out of laziness, I have never reefed the seat bolts really tight, so I am guessing this is what is saving my seat from the dreaded bolt spinning that others have encountered.

I’m almost curious enough to open it up…almost.