KH Velo and padded shorts

Wow! (after the bolt fix, i’ve had no related problems, so it is good as new)

I rode my Velo with padded shorts (because I always wear them while riding) on a 2 hour Coker ride.

After 2 hours, not even the beginnings of forming pressure points. Nothing! And with Coker/commuting, you are sitting in the exact same spot for long periods, unlike MUni, where you’re shifting all around.

After 2 hours, it felt no different than after 5 mins!


Wow! That’s amazing! I ride all the time and still get those preasure spots.

I gotta get one of those KH velo seats if they are that comfortable! I even put an inner tube in my Miata seat and although it lasts longer than before without killing me, I still could never go on a 2 hour ride!

Re: KH Velo and padded shorts

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>"If I see something that I like the sound of " - Harper on bilateral

Ummm, this seems a case for the False Quote Police.

Klaas Bil

You (heart symbol from playing cards) whales? I (club symbol from playing cards) seals.

yeah, i rode my velo saddle all day on a peace march on saturday, and my ass didn’t hurt at all.

What was the response to unicycling at the peace march? And how many people were there?



People in peace marches love unicyclist. My friend and I were in one a few weeks ago and started many small chants in the crowd “Unicycle for peace” The cool thing was we were able to go from the back to the front of the march and see all the 2000 people on the streets. It was deffenatlly a worth while event. Going at Marching speed is a bit tuff but we were able to weave through people and then we were ok.


I was really disappointed to miss out on last sunday’s march here in Brisbane. We got almost 100,000 people. I’ve never been to one before, but I plan to start gong to them. Maybe I’ll take my muni.

Sorry to change the subject Sofa.