KH Velo airseat

I just got a Velo seat recently. I broke my second miyata seatpost so wanted to upgrade to a Thomson ( had already got one from a shop I was working at for cheap, and was waiting to get the money to buy the outrageously expensize converter bracket for the miyata), but when I did the math reaized I could get a kinport converter bracket and velo seat fot the same price as a wilder bracket. Well, my miyata saddle had seen better days, so I figured I would try out the velo seat after reading all the positive reviews about it on the news group. The first night I went out on it I was overall very pleased with it. much stiffer, a little more narrow, and being able to mess with the tilt was a huge help too. The foam just wasn’t cutting it though, after almost two years on an airseat my tender wittle tush was just too spoiled. So I took the plunge that night and ripped off the foam and cover, drilled a hole and slapped on the airseat off the miyata. You know what? It’s perfect. So don’t fear fellow riders, discard your foam and feel the air! I’m convinced that the velo seat is infinitely better than the Miyata, and cheaper too. If you’re haveing problems with the bolts spinning, then remve the padding and replace the bolts with U shaped bolts like on the Miyata, something they probably should have done when they built it. Enjoy!

I don’t suppose you happen to have some digital photographic records of this beautiful new Frankestein’s bride?


From now on, there will be no posts without pictures

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sorry, I do not yet have a digital camera, so I cannot take any pictures of this wonderous creation (watch your tongue, she’s sensitive!). I spend too much money on Unicycles and have none left for other toys. If you have any questions regarding the blood and guts of it, I will be happy to answer them with good old fashioned words however.


are the carrage bolts just put into the base plate without a medal plate in there to keep them from spining.

yes, i seems that the bolts are the kind that have a round top with no screwdriver slot or anything, and underneath the head it is square where it fits into the square hole of the seat. Obvioously, when plastic and steel battle, steel wins and you end up with a bolt that merely spins instead of tightens.

thats to bad,it makes every seat a ticking time bomb for problems with keeping things tight.

is it like that for a every bolt? even the 4 bolts for mounting the post.

yes, all the bolts are set up that way. Hopefully they will address that issue in future versions of the seat, by replacing them with U shaped bolts they could fix that problem. Another reason to remove that foam I guess, geez maybe someday someone will make a seat that is good to go right out of the box. Oh well, I still think it’s better than the Miyata, but I guess only time will tell for sure. I already took a couple of hard landings on the nose that would have bent my miyata seat and the velo didn’t move. I like the handle better also.