KH unicycle's double crown and longneck

Hey i’m saving up for a kh unicycle I’m about 5 foot 4 and I don’t know whether I will be able to fit a Kh longneck or not. I am also considering getting a kh doublecrown and i was just wondering the pros and cons and if you ever hit your knees on the second frame doing like a unispin.

Do you think that i will have to get a normal kh20 or will i be able to fit the longneck???

YEAH!! KH double crown. I SO want one, but, I cant hold onto money.
Anyway, the longneck. Well, a standard KH DC comes with a 35mm seatpost which should be okay, but, I dont think you have the option of getting it with a longneck.
I reckon you would be okay with the standard 20’ KH uni with a longneck seatpost.

I was worried about the KH longneck being to tall but it ended up being perfect. If its to big you can cut it down to what ever size you want anyway.