KH Unicycles Commercial

Cool :smiley:

The pic in UNI magazine looks really good too!

That’s pretty sick…

great. music fits perfect.
was looking forward to see a video of this rail since i saw the pic on the homepage.

Nice film work dan, looks awesome, HD?

Cool is this going to be on TV?

Great job both dan and shaun, if dan was filming.

A movie in that style of filming and such would definately get a buy from me.

That was amazing !!! I wish i had a camera that good.So cant wait for dans big dvd

Realy nice makes me look forward to more videos from you.


Glad you liked it.

Question: do you think the link to this vid on the Uni magazine ad was too subtle? In other words do you think people might have missed it?


Maybe. I didn’t noticed the link on the magazine, now I checked and I saw it.

I think that’s too small and dark grey in the black background didn’t helped.

I like the idea, people get curious to see the website, but I think that the url should be bigger in the magazine.


I saw the link, but I didn’t make the connection that it was to a video. I didn’t even think about it.

What do I need to view the video? I updated to the latest version of quicktime but it still won’t play for me.

It has the “Q” with a question mark on it.

Definitely. I have the latest UNI mag, and I completly missed it.

When did shaun do this? Where is the commercial going? On tv? somewhere online?

That’d be so awesome if that ended up on TV! Great little clip, awesome job everyone that helped make it. It’s nice to see Shaun doing a big rail coz he hasn’t had as many in his recent vids as he used to. Also if Dan Heaton’s filming again that’s awesome.

Is there any other option to view the add ? Can’t view it at all on my PC :frowning:

The link didn’t work for me. Do I need to download stuff to be able to watch it?


that must be one of them High Definition porn cameras! :astonished:

it wasn’t subtle in the uni mag - noticed it straight away -i went to view it, but i can’t view it, not my xp SP2 Vm, not on my linux box at work or at home. Couldn’t you encode it in flash or some non quicktime video format?

i’m gonna have to ask someone at work to open it for me cause i really want to see it!

Vid works in Firefox, does not work in IE 6 for me.