KH unicycles 08 vs. 07??

Hey I was just wondering what is the main difference in 08 vs 07 models, other than price. I REALLY want this uni but will this one be better? Thanks in advance =)

I can’t remember the differences but they should be listed on this thread.

The main differences between the two are the pedals, the reinforced frame, the reinforced seatpost, and the reinforced rim that the 2008 has and that the white one you linked to doesn’t.

If you want a colorful (or lack thereof) unicycle you could always order one of the 2008 ones from Bedford Unicycles and have him powder coat it for you.


And if he goes the route of ordering from Canada, he could just look at Canadas UDC and order a custom uni made by Pete.

not much. Frames are reinforced, rims on 20" are different, and seatpost is changed to a stronger one (not sure exactly how much stronger though…) And you get plastic pedals for free… as well as metals. I think thats it.