KH uni: Ryan Leech reference?

As you well know the cranks and hub on the Kris Holm unis are called “Moment”.
A bike trials rider named Ryan Leech (who I hear is a friend of Kris Holm) designed a bike called the moment.

Is there any thing to this or is this just a coincidence?

Ryan leech is the god of all trials riding. I belive the older norco bike he had was called the moment, his current ride is the evolve.

I heard Kris say something about it once… But I think it was just a coincidence maybe.

Hes riding the evolve right now? I have the 03 Evolve. Its a nice bike but I find I ride my Uni way more. If any one is interested in buying a Norco evolve pm me!:slight_smile: Ryan leech is an amazing rider. My first major uni movie was called “Munifesto” in reference to his movie “Manifesto”.

How much for the evolve? Is it stock parts?

PM me.

The frame designed by Ryan Leech is the Moment.

The evolve is Norco’s fully built trials, but it has a WAY different frame.

I like the older Evolve, much nicer looking in my opinion.

It resembles a Yaabaa in a way, just that the top tube bends instead of the seat stays.

how new is that bike? it looks like its either hardly been ridden or you take very good care of it.:slight_smile:
either way it looks great.

I have the old white and black model with the little faux-seat.

I just Googled Norco Evolve.

I am too poor to afford a KH20, let alone a Trials specific bike.

ah ic. speaking of KH 20" I just called darren bedford and ordered myself one today!!!:smiley:

because of the Easter weekend it will not ship until tuesday. i am stuck with no uni for at least a week. :angry: