KH Uni prototype on eBay
Hmm. Interesting. A KH in orange…

Incase you can’t tell from the picture, the tyre is a black knobby one.

summit wanna be ?

Nope, other way around.

I don’t think I’d be willing to pay $400 to go back to bloody ankles. I like the coulor though.

That’s one dope muni. Who ever buys it is a lucky sonofagun.

Yeah, that’s a serious Uni. Cranks are a bit long though (170mm) for my taste.

That’s cool. A collectible! Note the seller is John Drummond/

Yup. Our very own chissakid.

Wow, thats cool. I would buy it even with the ankle banging cranks…

Is it like half Summit?

Woah… it turned into a trials unicycle… LOOK!



Haha, sorta. If I remember correctly, it was the first production run after the Summit fiasco. Hence the similarities.

its 7 bucks more to the west coast to ship off the eBay trials uni than it is to buy a 2005 KH off

that makes a 2005 only $59 dollars more…and you get better hub/cranks…stiffer seat blah blah blah. (oh and its alot lighter, maybe thats the reason for the extra 7 shipping)

Thats just the 2003 kh trials unicycle. Its not a prototype or anything.

FRAME CONSTRUCTION: 4130 chromoly steel ovalized tubing with main-cap bearing housing, orange finish
HUB: 6061 aluminum alloy, 36-hole, anodized black with chromoly steel 8-splined axle
BEARINGS: 20- x 42-mm sealed
CRANKS: 140-mm hollow tubular chromoly steel with 9/16-inch pedal threads
PEDALS: Wellgo pin-style platform
RIM: Alex DX-32 black with double-walled construction
SADDLE: Kris Holm contoured style with thick foam padding, front lift handle and rear bumper guard
SEATPOST: Chromoly steel black, 27.2- x 300-mm
TIRE: 2 x 2.5 black knobby with Schrader valve
SPOKES: Stainless steel 14g with brass nipples
SEAT POST CLAMP: Black alloy BMX-style with 2 Allen key bolts

Wait, wait, holy crap! I could’ve sworn it said 170mm! Where did I come up with that?

Maybe when it changed into a trials?:wink:

They changed the actuion after you posted they were 170mm. They wanted you to be happy.

best to read the whole thread before you quote…the auction was revised to 140mm from 170mm