KH Trials

I have KH trials uni up for sale. Hasn’t had any serious rids on it. Has been sitting around awhile and have decided it needs to go. I has been sitting around while, but in nice condition. A few scuffs here and there but nothing major. I think it’s an 08 but not completely sure. Any questions let me know, willing to ship. $350

Here’s a picture.

Might not be a bad idea to indicate what continent/country/city the uni is in.

Thanks for that. Oregon, US

I’ll give you $300 for it if you can post to the UK?

Have you sold this yet?

sent u a Private Message

Check your private Message box. I am interested.

I want to buy this

are you still selling this?

I would give you 400 for it

But im in australia we pay shit loads for unis here after shipping think my old kh i paid 640 which shipping :frowning:

Sorry guys, Sold


This guy is amazing seller, he packed it better than UDC and he was prompt and very responsive loved work with Jack thanks again!