KH trials wheelset question

As most of you have figured out at some time or another when riding trials, “Hey, I need a stronger wheelset.” Well, I was wondering if the KH trials wheelset could fit a Yuni frame/Bedford. said the KH wheelset wouldn’t fit because it has 42mm bearings and the Yuni frame only takes 40mm. Some people say it is possible to fit the KH and a great alternative to profiles.

Could some one clarify if that the KH trials wheelset will or will not fit the Bedford/Yuni frame? This would be a big help.



I have a Kh wheelset on my Nimbus (YUni) Frame.

So, yes… it does fit!


it does fit phil has a kh in a yuni/nimbus but it does not fit as well as it does in a kh frame i think not sure though

Me too. It fits great in my Yuni frame. --chirokid–

Would it be possible to put different sized bearings on the KH Wheelset so that it fit more snuggly, or are bearings pretty hard to get on and off?

Thank you for replying. Thats great news that the KH wheelset will fit the Yuni frame. But just to make sure, this is the KH wheelset I was talking about.

So this is the one you guys have, and it fits. Correct?


Does anybody have any pictures of a KH (splined) trials wheelset on a Yuni frame?


Here’s a pic of the KH 20 wheelset (I think it’s a 20") on a bedford frame.