KH trials question.

I was wondering if anyone had pulled down a KH trials uni as far as removing the axel from the hub?
im interested in how they have fixed the axel to the hub. so if anyone knows.

Here are some pics Steve Howard took when he took apart his KH.

thanks. that helps alot.

Is your axle slipping in the hub?

I’ve got pictures of removing the axle from a Profile hub in my Dissected Profile Hub gallery. The process would be very similar for a KH hub.

I used JB Weld epoxy to secure the axle in the hub. When fixes the KH hubs they use Loctite 660 Quick Metal retaining compound. In both cases it is important to clean the parts before using the Loctite or epoxy. With the Loctite you should also use Loctite Primer which is an acetone based solvent that also accelerates the bonding and gives you a stronger bond.

I would suggest using the Loctite 660 first. The Loctite will be much less permanent than the epoxy. With the Loctite, if the axle starts slipping again you’ll be able to undo it, remove the axle and reapply the Loctite or switch to the epoxy. With the epoxy you’re stuck cause once it is dry you are not going to be able to ever remove the axle again.

Since you’re in Australia, you could find out if NZ can do the repair if you don’t feel up to it.

Oh, and here is more product data about the Loctite 660:

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Loctite 660 technical data sheet

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