KH Trials Purchasing Question

Would it be okay if I ordered a new KH Trials 2005 now, regardless of it saying ‘Due Approx. December 30’ ? Would I still get it? Just curious. Thanks.

Yes, you’ll still get it. The 2005 KH models just got on the market so the retailers are just getting them in, but of course want to take orders now before they have them in stock. So they are currently not in their warehouse yet and the December 30 is when expects to get them in and be able to ship them out to you.

I got two that are currently being shipped to me from Darren Bedford.

Yea, they take pre-orderes, but they charge your card right when you place the order unlike most online retailers who dont charge you until your item ships. I found this out when I ordered 2 kh24’s last spring. They charged my card and kept my $1000 even tho the uni’s didnt arrive in stock until almost 3 months later.

You can order a new KH unicycle today from
Bedford Unicycles. I have been shipping them out for the last 10 days.

I don’t deposit the payment until it has been shipped and I have a tracking number to send.

I have all the unicycles, parts and gloves in stock.

The price list will be updated soon.

Here is a quick list:

US prices are 20% less

Gloves - 35.00 Cdn
KH20 trials - 560.00 Cdn
KH24XC - 615.00 Cdn
KH24MUni - 625.00 Cdn
KH29XC - 635.00 Cdn

The price you see is the price you pay.
Just add shipping if you don’t pick it up.

I have a few of the 2004 KH unicycles if you want the steel model.

There are a few bonus’s that will be in the box
as well when you order from Bedford Unicycles !

Send a e-mail from the front page link for any other info or payment options.


Happy Holidays !