kh trials help please

Ok i bought a new kh trials from UDC uk for £240 ( they were £310). Ok it comes tomorow and i was wonderin what to grease?? and where abouts to grease it (on the part) ??

    Pedals (where the pedals attach)

Also i need some help with what grease so if someone in England can tell me a make i would like it very much.

Cheers in advance

You shouldnt have to grease anything immeadiately, only once you have been riding for a while (and then periodically after that). If the pedals can be dismantled then take them apart and regrease the shaft and bearings. Also grease lightly where they screw in to the crank so the thread doesn’t seize. Remove the cranks, clean and grease the splines, either in the cranks or on the end of the hub. This will fill minute gaps and stop the cranks moving and creaking (although they shouldn’t really anyway). As for brand, it doesn’t really matter, any auto grease will do, try your local halfords or other car parts store for some. I can’t believe they’re that cheap, I bought the Onza for £210 not that long ago.

i got my kh last night and it talked about greasing the seatpost slighty before sliding it in.

It also came with a maintence sheet so you’ll have all the info on that

on my KH, I put some grease in all the parts that could rust because I was riding in salty snow. If you’re not doing that, then I would reccommend greasing the pedal threads as they were pretty dry when I got the thing, at the very least.

(the ‘parts that could rust’ are mostly hex bolts - the crank removal bolts, seat tilt adjustment bolts (not on the trials), and seatpost height bolt. I got some small bits of rust developing in there so filling it up with grease helped a lot. No luck on the laser logos on the cranks though, those are a lost cause :frowning: )

I dunno about UDC in the UK (is there a difference?), but when I’ve received things from UDC in the US things have been pretty “dry”…

I’d say give the seatpost a light grease (it will rust with the slightest moisture) and the pedal threads (where the pedals screw into the cranks) right away. After you’ve been riding awhile, it’s a good idea to re-grease the above parts, as well as the axle splines (where the cranks attach to the axle). Of course, clean each part as much as possible before applying grease… you don’t want to seal in existing dirt and moisture!

I applied some Finish line bicycle grease to all the parts of my Kris Holm 24"XC that I had to assemble.

Finish line grease is quite a clean grease to work with, and clean up, and it is a good quality one.

I made sure that all the threads of bolts were greased, and really anything that was going to be out of sight, was given a light smear of grease.

You can get Finish line products in most Scottish bike shops, I don’t know about the English ones. :roll_eyes:

when i got my kh trials, it came with an info sheet on maintaining it, and how to keep it runnin smoothly, and all that.

the only part they sed that needed to be greased was the seatpost.

have fun with it, KH Trials are crazy as and real smooth :sunglasses: :wink: