kh trials and kh street uni

what is the difference between the KH trials and the street uni?

Nothing, it’s same uni.

thats what I thought just woundering why they put it in two places and called it different things

do you think its worth paying the little bit extra for the KH 20" or shal I go for a koxx? I am wanting it mainly for street but also for some trials, also would you recomend getting the cromo seatpost instead of the aluminium one?

get the KH with the cromo seatpost.

Im riding one of the old KH (05/06), and love it, but I broke 2 of the aluminum posts before I switched to cromo.

I say KH.

edit: now the KH also comes with Jimmy Cs, which I think are better pedals than the koxx/tryall ones for street and trials.

One comes with 125 mm cranks, the other comes with 137mm cranks.

That is the only difference I have noticed but I can’t reember which is which


Only difference is crank size, 125mm for street and 137mm for trials. I ride 140mm on the older KH set up and they are fine for both uses really as far as i’m concerned.
There is no use in paying more money for the Koxx uni’s they aren’t worth any more money than the KH in fact they are probably worth less in reality but they do look quite cool. :sunglasses:

great, thanks for the advice, last thing (I think) do you think it is easier doing trials with shorter street cranks or doing street with longer trials cranks? or is it more just upto preference? because I am not sure on which cranks to get

i say 137s.

trials is hard ith 125s because you can slip out easier, but street with 137s works perfectly. I think thats what shaun rides.

ok thanks 137 it is then, do you know if you can you just order it with the cromo seat post from UDC or do you have to buy the cromo seat post seperatly?

just buy it seperately, they will probably charge you full price for the cromo seatpost anyways

yea but thats like another £9

I have ordered it now but its going to be at least 5 days untill it comes because of easter and if its six I wont be able to get it untill I get back from my grands in another two days, does anyone have any sugestions on how to handle not being able to ride for so long? I havnt gone without riding for more than a day or two and that was bad enough, is it posible to freeze people then defrost them at a later date and fot them to live now?

i’ll freeze and defrost you for the small fee of 1 kris holm unicycle:D

pick up skateboarding. or juggling. or something

Im pretty amzing at juggling but I guess I can always get better :slight_smile: