KH Trials 2008

I’m selling my 08 KH Trials because I’m getting a 36er and just can’t afford to keep it around. I rode it only for about 3 weeks and it has just a small scratch or two on the seat handle. I’ve have not used it much at all. Just never got into the trials.

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still available

Hi everyone,

This uni is still available. I’m looking for $400 which is about a 30% savings from what you would find this new and it has hardly been used; but I am willing to negotiate prices.

kh trial

where in canada are u ?! Would you ship to Ottawa!?

I bought a NEW kh trials with extras for $325!!! Just saying.

were at??

still waiting for your reply …???

I’m in Nova Scotia right now. But I might be in Ontario in June if that works better for some people.

Where abouts in ontario because i will be willing to buy it then

i’ll be in kingston

Ill see if i have the cash and ill contact you in a little while but im def interested

Still for sale?

I’m interested!