KH trials 2004 or wait for 05'?

Should I go ahead and get the 2004 model of the KH trials uni, or should I wait till december for the 05’ version? Anyone know what the difference will be?

^ the 2004

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+$20 ??? :smiley: :wink:

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Get the this one. Like today. Because when the 2005 model comes out the 2006 one will only be months away…hmmmm maybe you should wait for that. Point is unicycle now with what is available now…something better will always be on its way…you can’t wait for the best, because something better is always down the road. SO UNI NOW!

but does anyone know the difference between the 2004/2005, because if the 05’ has a lot of cool new featuers i should probably just wait, anyone know?

I don’t know what the manufacturing schedule is for the new KH stuff. I have no idea when any of the new stuff is going to make it over here for sale. If you are expecting the new stuff to be available at the beginning of 2005 you may be disappointed. It takes time to have things designed, quality controlled, manufactured, shipped, and finally stocked.

Kris had a prototype aluminum trials frame that he was riding. Seems like there are also plans to make an aluminum muni frame. Kris also had a prototype hub on his muni. It’s different than the current KH hub. Different splines, different cranks (more similar to BMX tubular steel cranks). I didn’t look closely at his trials uni to see what hub he has on that.

Looking at my crystal ball I predict that the next improvements will be an aluminum frame, a new hub, new cranks, and continual improvements in the seat. All of those changes are probably not going to happen at the same time. We could end up with a new hub on the steel frame, aluminum frame on the old hub, or some other combination before it all comes together and we end up with the new frame and new hub coming together.

Don’t be surprised if there is a titanium pro model frame available in 2006. You might want to wait for that. Should be dynamite and light. :wink: (just kidding)

Don’t wait for the new stuff. At some point you just have to buy. If you wait you will forever be waiting because next years model will always be just around the corner.

If I was to get a trials uni now I’d get a KH trials uni and put the 140mm Haro Sub-C cranks on it. The Haro cranks have the same spline pattern and size as the current KH cranks so it’s possible to put the Haro cranks on the KH hub.

Well i to was waiting untill early 05 cause i thought thats when the new kh is comin out and i thought thats the 1 thats the hub is as light as a suzue and strong as a profile? Thats what I heard and it sounds great. Also arent the haro cranks really heavy?

STOP WAITING!!! The weight improvements of the new hub won’t make that much of a difference unless you’re doing big seat out sidehops. For street it doesn’t really matter. The whole point is to RIDE. If you’re sitting on your a$$ waiting for a new product to come out, then you’re not riding.

BTW, if you really want to know, the 2005 KH uni’s will be a joint venture between KH and Onza. The hub will be lighter than anything else on the market, but heavier than a suzue, as far as I can tell. The cranks are larger and burlier than profiles. They probably won’t have an aluminum frame. The frame Kris was riding at CMW and Moab was actually a chromoly prototype for an aluminum frame. He simply wanted to test the idea for the crown. The aluminum frame will probably be lucky to come out in 2006.

The moral of this is not to wait for new equipment to come out. If you did that with buying a computer, you’d never buy anything. It’s still relatively up in the air when the new KH uni’s will be coming out, but it’ll be no earlier than Christmas time. Don’t bother waiting, the current Kh’s are perfectly good, and well worth the money and extra time you’ll spend riding.

thanks for the responses

KH emailed me a while ago b/c i asked when the trials unis would be available again and he said the 05’ would be hopefully avail. near the end of december (xmas). So yeah i dont think im going to wait, i do want to start doing more trials my schwinn just isnt holding up anymore.

My friend got some haro cranks from Darren, for his trials. There are heavier than profile and I think they have a little more q than profiles…so far they’ve held up great