KH Trials 20" and Nimbus II 24

Selling :
Barely used KH Trials 20" (Blue) at $450 + shipping.

Nimbus II 24 (Red) at $100 + shipping, used it as a trainer.

(Will edit with more details and pictures soon.)

Living in Nashville, TN area and can also bring to Chattanooga, TN area if anyone wanting it is near enough to pick up.

…if you want both I’ll get em to you for $500 even + shipping.
Sadly, I don’t use them much anymore and I figure they’d be better off with someone else. Keep an eye out as I’ve got a pair of FiveTen Impacts and KH Pulse Gloves that I’ll post up too.

Payment options : Cash (if in person), otherwise PayPal only (and will wait three days after payment to verify transaction complete before shipping.)

PM sent on the Nimbus II

Nimbus II 24 Photos

Bumper/pedal scuff marks and stuff. Nothing serious. Has stock items except clamp and Red Odyssey Twisted PCs.

I will never master the art of non-blurry photo taking.

KH 20 Trials Photos

Usual, few bumper/pedal scuff marks. Black Twisted Odyssey PCs, Nimbus Venture I 125mm cranks. Stock 137mm KH Moments will be included, along with other tools that I won’t be needing anymore.

Scuff mark on frame here.

Tools and 137mm Moments cranks.

Very nice KH trial :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Too bad it is really over my budget :smiley:

Haha, thanks for checking it out though. I woulda dropped it more if I weren’t including the cranks and tools and stuff. Still, if you’re interested, PM me with an offer and I’ll see what I can do.

Ahhhhhhhhh you are tempting me !!! :wink:

For sure, removing the tools and cranks from the sale would drop the price a bit. Would you be open to trades + money ? (link to my parts list in my signature)

I will ponder on it and will send you an offer through PM =)

Haha, not so open on the trades, but PM me an offer for it without the tools and cranks and we may get something going.

Nimbus Sold, KH Price update

Nimbus II sold and shipped to mad. Very quick on his payment.
KH + tools + cranks price changed to $450 shipped instead of the previous $450 + shipping.

I am interested by the frame+saddle+seatpost only of you are ready to split the sale :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest, Sid. I’m gona hold off on that for a bit as I’d really like to sell it all as a whole, though.

My Nimbus II arrived Thursday and I put it together last night. It was very well packed and in great shape, thanks Galthrojh!


Price Drop on KH Trials

Dropping to $400 shipped.
Will include KH Pulse Gloves (no wear and tear) size M.

One closer needed

Lawd, will someone please buy this?

I am dead meat if I pull the trigger on this; I just bought a KH36.

Stop the torture.

Pulse Gloves

Haha. I know how you feel, Biped.

To add a little fuel to the fire, these are the gloves that, as previously mentioned, will be included with the KH Trials. No tears or anything.

So to clarify, that’s $400 shipped =
-KH Trials 20" (Nimbus Venture cranks @ 125, Oddysey Twisted PCs)
-Pedal Wrench + ISIS crank remover
-KH Moments @137
-KH Pulse Gloves Medium Size

If I can figure out how to send a PM I think that I’m interested in the KH20. Kind of crazy since I dont even know how to ride yet and just got my first uni this last week… but I also know what sort of riding I’d like to do when I learn, and I’ll need something just like the KH20. My birthday’s in a week, so I can splurge on myself, assuming you dont have a problem with selling to a total new person on the forums.

I didn’t even know this place existed until this afternoon when someone from another completely unrelated forum mentioned it to me =)



Alright kids, KH 20 and all addons sold to Tharkis. Thanks to all of you.
Keep your eyes peeled for when I stop being lazy and (hopefully this weekend) put up my barely used FiveTen Impact v2s. Size 9 or 9.5 (forgot) in case anyone’s wondering.