KH touring handle for muni?

i was just wonder, i wanted to try somthing new, and also just upgrade my muni. the question is can you use the KH touring bar for muni? tell me the pros and cons.:smiley:

asked and answered here. Please use the search feature before you start a new thread so the info (and there is a lot of it in the relevant thread) is not dispersed. Thank you! Northern or Southern Indiana?

mid western. kk thank you:D

I found some great replacement bar ends today for my G26er. The originals lost the end caps so I had to find round ones to fit. I also much preferred them with rubber grips instead of plain metal, which would get slippery. But the rubber grips never lasted long.

These new bar ends come already coated with thick, durable and tacky rubber for a sure grip, which also seem to be much more wear resistant.

The old bar ends with grip added. They started to rip because the square shape of the bar ends made it a super tight fit. And the round plugs at the end continually came loose, even after tightening the set screw all the way in.





Those appear to be Forté Kor Bar Ends. I really like the idea of rubber grips so I don’t have to wrap them in handlebar tape. I might just go ahead and get two sets as mine take quite a beating with all the UPDs given the fact that I NEVER bother to catch my uni focusing more on not getting hurt. Bar ends can be replaced in minutes. Skin takes a little longer to grow back.

Yes, you are correct as to brand, and I got mine on sale at Performance bike, as per your link.

Hey Terry, do you still use these bar ends?

I am super annoyed because the plugs at the end of my bars came out and I lost them after only a few months. I liked them because they were ergonomic, but KH doesn’t sell them separately. Kris, if you are out there, it would be nice if they would stay in better, or if the bars came with extra.

UDC says they can’t get them. Uggh. I love the tbar, but I really would like to have the original plugs. I think the Shadow plugs are just round, and not even sure they will fit.

I saw something about dipping KH bar ends in something called plasti-dip (or something like that) somewhere. Maybe you could try that.

I lost mine too. I used plasti-dip for a while. The grip is pretty good, but it gets torn up quickly. It is also kind of messy. If you don’t wear gloves, it will turn your hands black. After it wore out, I upgraded to duct tape.

Still have them but don’t use them anymore. I still use the KH bar ends and also a pair of cf ends, in the first pic below. I coated each pair with plasti-dip. Works great and adds lots of grip! Did these a long time ago and still holding up well.

Yep, that was me. :smiley:




Why did you stop using them, and what are cf ends?

Carbon fiber. I guess I just didn’t like the feel of the other grips. They also seemed a bit too short for my liking.

Aaron - I never used the original bar ends that came with my KH bar. They are too small for my hands. You can have them if you want.

Yeah I’ll take them. Next time we ride together bring them.

I don’t really need the handles, just the plugs. Next time I will try to affix them with adhesive or something.

Yes, people ride muni with the KH T Bars, but they have their issues:

The position of the bar relative to the seat is hard to get properly adjusted to “match” a standard grab handle. This is due the design of the adjustable bar mount. I cut down my KH T Bar mount and made it fixed, this was better, but still not great.

The T bar, being “two sided” tends to pull the uni to one side unless you can ride two handed all the time. Some folks have added a center bar end for a variation on the double handed grab, while others have extended the bar and used the center bar as a grab.

The standard width T is a little too wide for some riders, so you may find yourself hitting the bar with your knees. I shortened mine on both sides and was able to get a decent fit.

The bar is heavyish, flexy, expensive, kinda fragile, and really doesn’t provide the same feel as a central grab handle. Depending on what you use now and what you are wanting to “change”, there are some other options.

Do a search under grab handle, touring bars, and see what you find. I built my own, tweaking it over a few iterations, even sold a dozen or so. It takes time and money to make up your own system, but I think it’s worth it :smiley:

And no, I am no longer making grab handles for sale.