KH touring handle angle adjustment bolt replacement

One of the hex-wrench bolts on my KH touring handle is stripped (the two that are right beneath the saddle). Anyone know the specs on these so I could get a replacement?
Or would any old nut/bolt combination that fits the holes do the job? I’d like to get a few.


I wouldn’t want to use a different nut than stock unless I was in a real pinch because it’s designed to fit smoothly in the adjustment slot. You should be alright using any bolt with the same thread though as long as it is of similar length. I’m pretty sure that they are the same thread size as the seat bolts which is listed as M6 on UDC. You could verify that they are the same size just by putting a seat bolt into the handle nut and seeing if it goes in properly. I don’t know the thread length but you could measure that in millimeters with a ruler. Once you’ve got that information you can find a spot to buy a bunch of them, I suspect that this lot would work but I haven’t measured the length so you should check just to be sure.

You could also just take the nut and bolt to your local hardware store and buy whatever screws into the bolt properly and look like a similar length to the old one. Depending on where you go the price could vary a lot but it shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars. (If you can find a good one some stores would probably only charge like $0.25 for several of them.)

Don’t know where you are on the planet, but indeed a trip to Lowes (or equivalent outside the US) might help. Take the old one with you. Otherwise, just a normal bolt, washer and nut. Measure the size required so that the bolt is rather flush with the nut, and even better, use an Acorn nut as found under the old style saddles.

They should be M6 screws, 10 mm long. When all else fails, RTFM. :slight_smile:

pretty usual concern with these weak bolts …

I’m using standard CHC M6x16mm bolts + original nuts, no more issues (16mm is the very maximum compatlble with KH T-bar)

I didn’t find the manuals page when I looked for but I still came to the right conclusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to know where the manuals are for future reference though.

Interesting that the diagram shows M6 bolts on one side, going into M8 inserts on the other. :thinking: (Not looking to muddy the issue, I just wonder what I’m missing.)


Maybe the m8 is an outside measurement :thinking:

Yes, since mine finally came the first thing I did on opening the package was measure the OD of those unique nuts - just a hair under 8mm.

Unfortunately one of the two I received is defective, being miss-threaded, so I had to put it together with a substitute - hopefully I’ll be able to clean that up with a tap before I get a chance to try riding it.

Incidentally, this handle is not directly compatible with the current UDC or Impact saddles as they no longer use a KH base, but rather a “DDC” one which has a different spacing between the handle and mounting holes, meaning that the KH reinforcement plate won’t fit them.