KH t-shirts page


To let you know, a few KH t-shirts are up at the new KHU Facebook page (here)

For those of you not on Facebook you can see the same t-shirts here.

More on the way…


Thumbs up for having an alternative for the few of us without facebook.

Very cool! I really like the athletic shirts.

Sweet! Will there be any at NAUCC? I might pick one up. :slight_smile:

I want the Yellow one!!!:stuck_out_tongue: Awesome T-shirts Kris, will they be available on UDC?

Glad you like them =)

Right now they’re only sold online, because that way they will always be available for the full range of sizes and colors.

For color options you can check the order pages =)


phew, I was scared they would only ship to Canada with USP and FedEx :slight_smile:

About time.

Thumbs up.

Ship to Canada = 0.00$ :thinking:

Dang! If only you made them in long sleeve too! :frowning:

Done. =)


Awesome! I really like the “if it were easy it would be called mountain biking” logo, but would rather have it on the front of the shirt. Do you have that on a long sleeve in this material? If so, I’ll order one! Sorry to be so picky but just thought since you had the long sleeve, you might have one’s like described. :slight_smile:

I can’t do that one in longsleeve, but I can in a regular longsleeve t-shirt. It’s there now.



Those shirts look good :smiley:

They look good kris. Id get a plain kris holm one, but I’m kinda fat and don’t really do tight t-shirts. That leaves only the mountain biking yellow t-shirt for me, but i think that may be a little hypocritical seeing as i am hopeless on bikes :smiley:

I prefer looser t-shirts or shirts, but thats probably because I’m awkward lol

I have been having quite a bit of a problem with the site because it won’t let me buy the shirt! I put all the information in and it never works what should I do? Please help!

Hmm, not sure why that would be the case. What country do you live in?


I live in Maryland USA :slight_smile:

Strange - the t-shirts ship from within the USA so it should be the easiest place to order.

Email me at and let me know some details (where the problem is, what error do you get) and I’ll sort it out.


Wow Kris I appreicaqte your help so much and I will be sure to email you tomorrow if I can’t get it to work proporly. When I get to the part in the order info; right after I put my credit card # in and then I press the botton that says something “place you orfer” it says the iinfo didn’t work. It also says that if I have this problem repeatedly that I should contact them but I can’t figure how to, so I guess I will just email you tomorrow.