KH t-bar vs Nimbus Shadow

I have one of each: the Shadow on my 36 and the KH on my 29.

The KH is more easily adjustable for up and down but once the Shadow was set up, I have never needed to adjust it again. They have similar ranges of adjustment, but it is far easier to make minor tweaks to the position of the KH.

The T handle on the Shadow is noticeably wider than the T on the KH. I prefer the wider one.

The Shadow gives you an option of a rear handle too. I cut mine short and used it to support a bottle cage. It also makes enough of an improvised rack to hold a lightweight waterproof top or other small luggage.

The Shadow comes with a narrow seat post so it will only fit certain frames unless you also buy a shim.

The KH only fits certain KH seats, so in that sense it is less versatile.

The direct comparison between a 36 and a 29 is not easy because the 36 is inherently more stable, and also because I do different kinds of riding on the two unis. However, I have consistently felt that the Shadow set up feels more rigid and direct than the KH. I don’t know why, it just does, and it’s a real effect.

After various experiments I now have both of my handles set up just as a T handle without bar ends. I have improvised a bracket for a front light. I have padded the ends of the T handle, partly for comfort and partly to prevent bruises to my legs in UPDs.

I tend to ride easy stuff holding the two sides of the T handle. When tired, I tend to put the heel of one hand on the T and then rest the other hand on the first hand. For uneven surfaces I hold the T with one hand and keep the other hand free to aid balance. For really tricky stuff, I hold the front of the saddle and ignore the handle.

Both handles make a big difference to day to day riding.

On balance, I prefer the Shadow, but they are both good products.

I’ve not bought a new uni for almost 4 years and no doubt things have moved on.

I owned a few Nimbus 1 and 2 unis (20, 24 and 28) around 8-12 years ago and then I bought KH 24 and KH 29 unis. At that time, KH were noticeably better quality all round. However, it appears that Nimbus have moved with the times and the quality is much better than it was.

None of it is rocket science. Mankind has been making wheels and metal cycle frames for a long time. No manufacturer has any unique design secret. If I bought a new uni tomorrow, I would not worry about whether it was KH or Nimbus. I would look at the specification and design of the specific model and trust either manufacturer equally.

I was thinking of putting on of these on my nimbus 29 mini. I mostly ride on light trails and road. How does the seat mount on the nimbus shadow. I looked on UDC but I can’t see how the seat bolts to the post/nimbus shadow bar. My KH seat bolts to my current post using 4 bolts.

Looking at it some more, I think I understand how it mounts. Instead of using the 4 bolts in the middle of the seat it uses the two bolts in the back and in the front , correct?

Correct. The saddle mounts to the saddle frame via the two rear bolts, and the two bolts inset from the front (i.e., not the two forward-most bolts, but the two behind that). The seat is suspended like a mini hammock, but it remains stiff because it’s held tight by the four mounting points.

Others have mentioned troubles with loosening of the integral high tensile bolt that holds the seat base to the seat post. I had this problem early on as the bolt and seat post “adjusted” to each other and the powder coating wore through on both. The solution is to disassemble everything, clean the bolt and the threaded recess in the seat post well (I used a pipe cleaner and solvent), then apply a healthy amount of blue threadlock to the bolt, reassemble the mount, send the bolt home with plenty of torque, and let the assembly sit for a day before using it. It hasn’t loosened since.

Thanks UPD, Looks like the Nimbus may be a good way to go since you get to take advantage of the seat angle adjustment as well.