KH t-bar vs Nimbus Shadow

Hello everyone

what are the differences between the two handlebars ?
which one do you recommend ?
i need it for my 36er

The KH T-bar is more adjustable. I would recommend the KH T-bar.

Not sure how the t bar is more adjustable. The shadow handle with its rear bar mount and different bar styles is actually more versatile IMO.

The T-bar can be adjusted to any angle whereas the shadow must either be straight or have a fixed degree bend predetermined by nimbus.

Hello Killian. I have both but I find the T-bar angle adjustment to be more versatile. The shadow bars offer some fixed angle options but the T-bar offers a continuous angle adjustment that I can swivel until the angle is just right.

The T7 post for the shadow bars was faulty in my case. The top hex bolt kept loosening causing the saddle to wobble while riding. To tighten it I had to remove the saddle completely to gain access to the bolt.

The only benefit I see to the T bar is that you can adjust the bar angle without moving the seat angle. But you can still angle the shadow handle up or down (moving the seat of course). If you loctite the bolt on the shadow base it’s a non-issue. Bars can be cut down to whatever length you prefer. You can trim down the width if you want.

That big bolt is more than a little issue on the Nimbus Shadow bar. I have to re tighten it about every 200 miles and reapply lock tight. I have used both the KH T bar and the Nimbus. The T-bar offers a lot more angles of adjustment, but the shadow is much stronger. There were many occasions when I would put a lot of force on the T-bar and it would slip down because of the mounting bracket system that is used on it did not allow for enough friction to hold it up. Not very strong at all in my opinion. They both have issues but the Shadow has less.So I would go with that one.

I’ve not tried Shadow, but specs say that T-bar is much lighter.

The KH can be used more effectively for XC and Muni though can’t it? Because of how close and high you can put it so it’s right by that front handle.

As far as I can tell the T bar is actually better strength wise. I haven’t heard of a tbar breaking whereas I’ve seen tons of complaints about broken Shadow bases. Although I haven’t used a shadow the only thing that I can see better about it is that it has a luggage type rack on the back. I haven’t had any issues with my tbar not staying at the angle I put it at, I originally set it in place and it hasn’t budged since then.

The KH T-bar breaks as often as the Shadow base. I can assure you this. Any handle will break with bad falls, nothing can take that.

One thing that has not been commented upon is that the shadow base actually gives you a more rigid saddle.


First off, I wanted to say I’m not trying to come off snarky or arrogant if it sounds that way.

But I’ve never had an issue with the main hex bolt on the shadow base. I’ve broken a shadow base (older model) and it was promptly warrantied with a new one. Josh told me older gen. shadow bases had issues with some of the tubes not being properly chamfered causing weakness/breakage. The newer bases supposedly fixed that issue.

Dane, if you use the bent shadow handle and cut it down, it’ll put the bars right in front of the seat handle.

The shadow handle is more rigid as Roger pointed out, and I blieve it’s stronger. Even if I break another one, it’ll be replaced with another shadow handle.

With no offense meant towards Kris, I get a bit annoyed at the constant ‘KH is better’ slogan mentioned every single time someone asks about a part or a unicycle. KH products are awesome, there is no denying it, I have a ton of KH products. But I think a lot of people get caught up in the name and think if you don’t have a KH (insert part name here) than you’re riding an inferior piece of crap. I hear so many times that KH products are stronger than Nimbus products, and Roger is always there to prove that wrong.

Again, I love my KH products. Fusion saddles are pretty great. But I will stand by every Nimbus product I own.

Rant over. :slight_smile:

Get whichever you prefer.

I just go franken Nimbus/KH on everything :slight_smile:

My favorite way :slight_smile:

There’s no problem with that, I think most Nimbus riders will have both brands somewhere.

I just get sick of all the KH hype sometimes when Nimbus also makes just as good a (or better) product. That’s all.

Not trying to poo on anyone here. :slight_smile: <-- smiley face

But isn’t the high quality of nimbus a more recent thing than it was a few years ago in comparison to KH? I don’t know my history very well. You know how people can get stuck in their ways though.

Not sure, I haven’t been doing this ‘that’ long. But in the 2 or 3 years I’ve been riding, Nimbus has always been in the game.

KH’s also had squeaky hubs and frames that would break at one point in time. (Again, not a dig at all to KH. Great uni’s and parts.)

i will buy the shadow because i need the luggage rack

I have a tbar on my oracle 36 and am happy with it. Ive taken a few nasty falls and its held up except for the bar ends which came out and i lost. You cant replace them which is annoying

Shadow Stub-Tail Handle / Seat Protector

My “previously-owned” KH29 came with a brand new, “in the box” Shadow Handle that I wasn’t certain how to best configure.

When I started riding this bigger wheel on trails I decided that I wanted to loose the rear-facing straight T-handle for fear of getting tangled up in it during a UPD. I also discovered that I didn’t need the full length of the front, curved, T-handle, so I cut off about 5".

After making those modifications, I felt it was a shame not to use the rearward-facing handle mount for something, so I took the 5" straight piece I cut off the front handle and stuck it in the rearward-facing mount and covered it with a 7/8" rubber leg tip.

I didn’t realize it until I had ridden a few miles with this configuration, but this new little stub-tail serves two important functions: First, it makes a great, ergonomically-correct handle for pushing the muni while walking up steep hills. (See photos below.) Second, it protects the back of the seat during all drops to the rear.

In my opinion, the ability to install a “stub-tail handle/seat protector,” along with rigidness of the front handle and saddle, makes the Shadow Handle mount the clear winner in this match-up. (Although I do now have the lighter weight KH T-handle on the KH29, which I have reconfigured from a muni into a roadie uni with narrower rim and Schwalbe Big Apple 28 x 2.0.)

I have since moved the Shadow Handle mount to my Oracle 29 and have altered the front-facing handle by switching to a shortened straight bar (to lower the grips), and I have narrowed the “T” by 1" by cutting about 1/2" off of each end (to mount the grips closer together). I find this new configuration of the front handle (shown in the photos on my O29) to be just about ideal for muni and XC for me.