KH T-Bar Touring vs Muni

Trying to decide between KH T-Bar Touring and Muni handles. First handle for me, so they both look intimidating. For a 36", touring seems obvious. But for my 26" muni, which I also use for distance until I can sneak in another uni purchase, would the muni handle be best? Appreciate thoughts.

If you use the 26 for muni, I would definitely recommend the muni handle. It will also work fine for road riding, whereas I would NOT want to ride off-road with a touring-style handle. Just my opinion, your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

To add to that point, it’s really easy to disconnect the handle and leave the bracket on the saddle. I tend to not ride mountain with an extra handle anyway. As far as handle type goes, the muni one is just short and narrow. You can always use a cheap pipe cutter to hack down the road version and get similar geometries. I think overall if you haven’t had a handle before the road version gives you more upfront versatility in shape. You can then cut it down to what you like and you’re set. If you find you may want to try a wider bar and you have the muni version, you’re just sol. Both will provide more comfort, and I wouldn’t use either for muni unless I kept it really short. (Keep it long and the moment from a big fall will break it) Assuming you have dual hole cranks, a common setup as an all-rounder would be to have a handlebar and short crank size, then when you hit dirt swap the crank size, remove the bar and you’re all set. It’s 3 screws from road to muni. If you have a brake, get a stubby bar to throw in the handlebar bracket (2-3") and the you can still use the handlebar bracket as a brake mount. You’ll probably end up trimming a new bar down a bit anyway, so that piece that you trim works great for a brake mount.

With something in it so it doesn’t get dented in.