KH T-Bar (or NB grab-handle)

Have you got a KH T-Bar lying around that’s surplus to requirements?

I’d love to take it off your hands, so to speak.

I’m in the UK. I don’t mind where this comes from or how long it takes as long as the total cost including postage is economic.

Alternatively, a Nurse Ben grab handle would also work as I could swap out the T-bar I already have from my Muni to my road 29er, which is what I’d like this for.

Or just buy me one from UDCUK and have it shipped direct as a birthday present - I’ve just turned 40! PM me for my address if you’d like to do that.

Eckythump jrwi :roll_eyes:

You’re nowt but a young nipper ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Belated Happy Birthday wishes

Thanks Alucard. I certainly don’t feel 40; must be the unicycling keeping me youthful.

Sorry, quick bump on the off chance.

Still after a T-bar, and I’ll be ordering new from UDCUK in the next day or so, unless anyone has a spare I can take off their hands.

They’ve gone up a lot since the last one I bought, about a year ago!