KH T-Bar ... help

I’ve recently bought a KH T-Bar. Assembled it … problem I have is that the swivel is loose despite me tightening it as much as possible. I’ve even put some washers in thinking that the screws would only go in a certain distance. Has anyone had an issue similar to this ?

Possible solution would be to bend the 2 pieces closer together, although I don’t have any decent tools to do this so would resort to trying to clamp them with a pair of pliers … dodgy I know…

KH T-Bar.jpg

My swivel was loose, when I assembled it. I discovered my bolts are not the right ones (the factory made a mistake) For my case, to solve it, I used two same sized allen keys, and place them at the left and right bolts and turn to the opposite direction of each other.

I don’t know if this might help, but here’s what Kris advised me when I told him my swivel was loose.

Here’s the pdf he provided me:

ahhhhhh … ok … makes sense :slight_smile: I’ll try replace with normal bolts (bolt and nut) for a start to make sure it is that, and if so will then drill out the one L bracket to make sure the proper bolts go through ok.

Thanks for the quick response :smiley:

Not at all, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The bolts have a notch that fits into the bracket so that they remain fixed when you tighten the nut side, so make sure you have them inserted in the right direction AND only tighten the nut side.

Mine is rock solid, been doing some light muni, plenty of hard climbing, not a wiggle, haven’t even needed to retighten once.

Great design overall, though I’d love to see Kris add an optional grab loop styled bar or Reeder handle (question mark shaped).

That’s exactly what I’ve done. Did see the notch and made sure that the one side was fitted into it ok before putting the nut side in. So have only needed a single allen key to tighten, but still cannot get it to hold despite being as tight as I can possibly get it without totally stripping the nut hex, or breaking my hand trying.

A follow-up on the issue I’ve had with the new KH T-Bar. As Kris mentioned in the piece that Confidego quoted, the bolt insert is to long. This then keeps the 2 L brackets apart so that the swivel cannot tighten enough. As a work around for now I did as Kris suggested and used Allen bolts with standard nuts with washers. The swivel is really tight now. The only problem is I would need to use 2 tools to adjust it, an allen key and a 10mm spanner… both of which I always carry when I’m riding. Will drill out the 1 L bracket so that the bolt insert fits into it … sometime :slight_smile:

Drill the side without the slots out to 8mm so the bolts fit in them.