KH SYM cranks

Does anyone have SYM cranks? if so, how do they work? I’m curious if they’re as good as the description says:)



I’ve got a pair, but I don’t like them very much. I ride much flat and I can’t do rolls on them :confused: But they’re pretty good to land spins on :wink:
If you ride trials, they’re not really good either, so I don’t recommend them for anything :stuck_out_tongue:

they are very good for street. i cut off the nub on the back off with a grinder and am going to put grip tape over on them (as they have worn quite a bit since i got them). Over all i like them. they are very strong and good for street/flat when you remove the nubs :slight_smile:

Replace them?

I got a smoking good deal on a KH20 longneck on Craigslist. I almost didn’t buy it because it had tubular cranks I thought were for old Onza-style splined. It turns out they’re KH SYM cranks, which I wasn’t familiar with. Is there anything I should know about these cranks? I figured I’d replace them with a newer pair of Spirit or Moment cranks, but maybe they’re just fine as they are.


Help, i’m getting worst!
Last weekend i was able to sidejump two pallets (29cm), then i added a thick board and arrived to 34cm… i kept doing that 34cm until i was landing it with very ease… i felt i had some more cm to go, but couldn’t find anything to add at that pile and it was getting dark, so i called it a day.

During the week i was too busy and too tired, and didn’t train at all.
Today i was motivated to get the 40cm target…and it was supposed to be not too hard.
I warmed up with 34cm, landing it easily, then i moved straight to 3 pallets (42-43cm)…
After some unsuccessful attempts, i lowered back the pile to 34cm, and could not land.
I lowered again to 2 pallets, and to my surprise, i could not land again!!!

What’s wrong with me??? Has it ever happened to any of you?

Sure it’s happened to me. If you’re at your limit it’s very possible for that to happen. Sometimes when I’m close to my max, 90cm, I’ll go back to like 75 and can’t do it but then go back to 90cm and can do it. What I do is start as low as I can even though it’s super easy and slowly work my way up like 5cm at a time. This warms me up and keeps technique good as you get higher. I find that if you just jump right to trying near max hight your technique falls apart. Just keep practicing!

I realised now that i posted this pushing “post reply” instead the “new thread” button.
Can someone move it for me? Didn’t want to spoil the discussion going off topic.