kh street vs. kh freeride

So I’ve been riding with a kh freeride on my dx for a while now and now that I’m upgrading I’m wondering if I should go with a kh street saddle now?

I ride really long distances to locations and even though the kh freeride is one of the best saddle on the market right now for distances it still becomes uncomfortable after about an hour. So if I change to the kh street am I going to regret it when I go on long rides.

Also I have trouble hopping high sif with my freeride, because sometimes my hand slips when I try to hop. Does anyone else have this problem, and if I get the kh street will it improve my sif hops?

I wouls say you would regret it, yes. I have the street saddle and I find that it can get uncomfortable in less than 30mins. It really isn’t a distance saddle. It’d name is really what it is meant for.

Riding distance = free ride
Riding trials/street = street saddle

If you ride distance on your street uni get one better suited for distance lol.